Lenormand Cards



Good news

Personal card. Transportation. Good message. Something could be moved. New beginning. Bad playing cards could be softened, top playing cards bolstered. As well: Fulfilled desires. Success. Victory. A dream come true. Self-esteem. Nice surprise.


Someone new will come into your life. Old passion is rekindled. As nicely: Lack of engagement. Bad messages. Decisions instead of reactions. Sometimes conceited.


You will obtain a transport or registered mail. Act speedy. Take your hazard. As properly: Love for info. Too many projects. You cannot finish everything you have started. Don’t flow too speedy.



Rider in combination with …

Clover: Notified of triumphing. Good news.

Ship: To hit the street. Information approximately journeying. Letter from overseas.

House: Successful condominium seek. A traveler comes into your private home. Apartment provide.

Tree: News approximately health. Long-lasting pleasure. Moving forward in life.

Clouds: Bad information. Contradictory news.

Snake: Receiving correct news in a roundabout manner. Message from a lady.

Coffin: Healing. Good health-associated news. Slow down. End to sorrow.

Bouquet: Invitation. Happy message associated with a woman. Gift. Daughter.

Scythe: Good news. Sudden message. Sudden traveler or pastime.

Whip: Good output. Mediation. Controversial news.

Oriole: Gossip. Uncertainty. A lot of messages. Good news which brings problem.

Child: Good message about a baby. Message about a new starting.

Fox: Deception may be repaired. News you can accept as true with. Scheming or plotting.

Bear: Moving slowly. Contact with a man.

Stars: Hope. Spiritual developement. Good news that lets you breathe.

Stork: Message brings progress. Message approximately a trade or pass.

Dog: Be affected person – message will arrive. Undertaking with a friend. Message from a pal or brother.

Tower: Thinking approximately separation. News from an expert. Freedom.

Park: Good reputation. Enterprising environment. Message approximately an event. Meeting a whole lot of people.

Mountain: Progress. Lost message.

Way: Good selection. Good message about a selection. Different gives. Make the right desire.

Mice: Everything terrible disappears, so development can be made. A message gets lost.

Heart: Good love-associated news. Go ahead without difficulty. Flirt. New love. Spice up a partnership.

Ring: Progress in relationship. Thinking about new relationship. Liberation from a captive scenario. Proposal. New contract.

Book: Delayed messages. Secret messages. Discoveries.

Letter: Very true news. Documents. Phone name.

Man: You will have an excellent time. You gets proper news. Active man.

Woman: You may have an excellent time. You will get exact news. Active lady.

Lily: Good own family-associated information. Familiar matters.

Sun: Message that makes you strong. Strength and electricity. Positive mind. Good time.

Moon: Mental recovery. Message that something has been done. Thinking approximately oneself.

Key: Guaranteed success. Message of security. Messages will simply come.

Fish: Money arrives. Financial development. Important documents.

Anchor: Promotion at paintings. Work-associated messages. Job in which you are journeying. Soothing messages.

Cross: Good information would not come. Fateful messages. Disturbing messages.




Little joys

Luck. Good job. No purpose to fear. Opportune time. As well: Positive output while performing quickly. Loan. Investments. Some money. Shyness. Nervousness. Seclusion. Hinderance of increase.


Love is developing gradually and nonetheless younger. Meeting by means of twist of fate. Unexpected flirt or traveler. Happy moments with pals. Creativity and success. As well: One-night time stand. Rapidly falling inside and out of love. Lack of creativity. A fortunate streak comes to an end.


Realize your plan. A small reputation on your paintings. Putting one’s ideas into exercise. As nicely: Lack of creativity. Bad planning. To move ignored. Being surpassed over for a promotion.



Clover in mixture with …

Rider: Glad tidings. Good message.

Ship: Short ride. Lucky adventure.

House: Happy family. Luck in locating lodging.

Tree: Good development in existence. Healing.

Clouds: Threat to happiness. Idleness. Postponement.

Snake: Happy turn after lengthy detours. A girl is fortunate at cards.

Coffin: Happy cease. Good health-associated information.

Bouquet: Small birthday party brings amusing. Positive end result. Luck.

Scythe: Unexpected sudden luck. Sudden winnings.

Whip: Discussions. Ready in some days’.

Oriole: Sorrow for some days. Clouded happiness.

Child: Little pleasures. Happy infant. Good start. A bit of good fortune.

Fox: Player. False joy. Fortune is fickle.

Bear: Happy instances due to another guy. Behave diplomatically soon.

Stars: Clarity in a few days. Lots of good fortune.

Stork: Positive modifications in something is signified via the card to the proper.

Dog: Happy moments with pals. Good friendship.

Tower: Separation rapidly. Separation notwithstanding a laugh in the courting. Luck with authorities.

Park: Fun with masses of people.

Mountain: Lack of luck. Fun turns into severe.

Way: Decision comes soon. Lucky decision.

Mice: No greater success. Gambling loss. Fortune passes all of sudden.

Heart: Lucky in love. Cheerful and satisfied courting.

Ring: Everything might be quality. Lucky in love. Relationship soon. Fun in relationship.

Book: Discoveries. Studies begin or maintain. Not time for amusing just yet.

Letter: Very top news. Lottery price tag. Message will arrive in a few days.

Man: Man in success. Optimism. Something represented by the cardboard to the left of the clover will take place in 5 days.

Woman: Woman in success. Optimism. Something represented with the aid of the card to the left of the clover will occur in 5 days.

Lily: Happy circle of relatives. Sexual happiness.

Sun: Joy and happiness will boom.

Moon: Romance. Esteem. Take more time to suppose it over.

Key: Moments of happiness carry protection.

Fish: Positive feelings. Company boom. Luck with gambling. Luck in handling money.

Anchor: Happy at paintings. Be at the proper place. Good work completed.

Cross: Blessing. Happy ending.





Trip. Distance. Circumstances alternate. Let occasions come to you. One longs for the cardboard to which the deliver is crusing. As well: Something movements forward. Exploitation. Theft. Fears and issues are exploited. Night.


Long-term dating. Wait for the right one. As properly: Leave someone or a loved one at the back of. Someone from every other u . S . A ., who is some distance away at the sea.


Starting a new enterprise. Putting all one’s eggs in one basket. Journeys – for fun or business. As well: Don’t rush. Let things occur with out intervention.



Ship in combination with …

Rider: Progress. Very accurate message. Message is being sent .

Clover: Happy journey. Gambling journey. Short travel.

House: Longing for solid dwelling situations. Journey lower back domestic.

Tree: Long-lasting craving. Seasickness. Waiting for a journey.

Clouds: Trip is cancelled. Uncertain journey. Unpleasantness.

Snake: Longing for every other lady. Turbulent vacation. Difficult journey. Travel with detours.

Coffin: A adventure does no longer take location. Falling sick on a journey. Shift in tour plans.

Bouquet: Woman from far away. Happy journey. Visiting relatives who stay far away.

Scythe: Accident. Sudden departure. Unplanned journey.

Whip: Longing for recommendation. Troubled journey. Active vacations. Dispute on a journey.

Oriole: A adventure that makes you worry.

Child: Unfulfilled fertility. Short ride. Child leaves home.

Fox: Wrong time for travelling. Reckon with fraud. Someone who works in a tour organisation. Better to cancel the ride. Illusion.

Bear: Longing for every other guy. Arduous journey.

Stars: Desire for clarity. Dream destination. Promising ride.

Stork: A adventure brings changes. Change of residence. Trip leads to something represented through the card at the proper. Emigration.

Dog: Relaxed experience. Longing for friends. Travelling with pals.

Tower: Travelling alone. Journey on behalf of the government. Travelling overseas. Desire for distance and solitude.

Park: Travelling to an occasion. Trip with a whole lot of humans.

Mountain: Repressed longing. Trip with frustrating revel in. A adventure is behind schedule. Trip to the mountains.

Way: Trip in six to eight weeks. Decision about a journey.

Mice: Annoying travel. Journey is cancelled.

Heart: Journey with a cherished one. Honeymoon. Romantic weekend. Longing for romance.

Ring: Honeymoon. Marriage in another country. Weekend courting. Unfulfilled desires in a courting.

Book: Secret journey. Educational tour. Something is kept mystery.

Letter: The message is already despatched. Information approximately a journey. Messages from a ways away.

Man: Man or accomplice comes toward you. Distanced man. Man from a ways away.

Woman: Woman or accomplice comes towards you. You are yearning for some thing represented via the card to the proper.

Lily: Longing for sexual studies. Family experience. Winter adventure. Sexual journey.

Sun: Relaxing excursion. Summer journey.

Moon: Journey through the night. A lot of unfulfilled goals.

Key: Trip ends with some thing represented by using the card to the proper. Journey that in no way occurs.

Fish: Expensive journey. Money arrives. Fishing journey.

Anchor: Business trip. Work is a ways away. Cruise. Work on a ship or within the journey industry.

Cross: Longing is manageable. Pilgrimage. Leaving for all time.





Stability. House. Family. Authority. As well: Father parent. Husband. Man who’s cherished. Man who cares about the character for whom the cards are positioned. Importance of this man or woman.


Familiar. Warm. Calm and secure. Your own body. As well: Security. Long-term partnership.


A top time to forge destiny plans. Long-time period security have to be the intention. As properly: Go for promotion. Don’t build your basis on sand.



House in mixture with …

Rider: Good information approximately a house. Stud farm. Evaluation of fitness.

Clover: Good preference of medical doctor. Luck at domestic. Good house-associated preference.

Ship: House far away. House overseas. Change of house. A journey domestic. Seasickness.

Tree: Long existence in a residence. House in the nation-state. Healthy body.

Clouds: House is in threat. Uncertainty regarding a residence. House inside the shadow. Problems at home. Uncertain fitness.

Snake: Getting a residence in an uncommon way. Authoritarian mom dominates lifestyles. A woman who cares for you.

Coffin: Empty residence. Selling a residence. Damage to the residence. A family is falling apart. Retirement home.

Bouquet: Luck is in your house. Lovingly-adorned residence. Sickbed go to.

Scythe: Sudden residence provide. Separation. Excitement about a house. Physical pain.

Whip: Dispute at home. Domestic violence. Dispute with neighbor. Sickness from strife.

Oriole: Gossip manufacturing unit. Problems at home. Excitement within the neighborhood. Physical restlessness.

Child: Samll residence. Short stature.

Fox: Practical intelligence. Burglary. Be cautious while buying a residence. Dealing clever with your own frame.

Bear: Wealthy circle of relatives. Authoritarian father dominates lifestyles. Stable fitness.

Stars: Very satisfied own family. This house belongs to you. Luck concerning location. Harmony of frame and thoughts.

Stork: Cottage. Move.

Dog: Staying in a residence for a long term. Stubborn tenants. Animal brings joy. Hospitable house.

Tower: House overseas. Cancel apartment agreement. Selling a residence.

Park: Hotel. Large organisation. Multifamily residence. Hospital. House with lawn. Healthy in nature.

Mountain: Frustrating residing. Retreat home. House within the mountains.

Way: Having to decide about a residence. Going lower back home. Try new health advice. Two houses.

Mice: Stressful existence at home. Vermin. Physical deficiency. Loss of a house.

Heart: This flat is the right one for you. Loving own family. Beautiful house. Loving yourself.

Ring: Rental agreement or contract about selling a house. Healthy dating.

Book: Secret about a family. Library. Stable living situations haven’t begun to return.

Letter: House in which you will quickly be. Real property agreement. Sign documents for a house.

Man: House proprietor. Reliable man. Stable man. Home-loving.

Woman: House owner. Reliable girl. Stable female. Home-loving.

Lily: Harmonious and peaceful family. Old house owned through the circle of relatives. Good determine.

Sun: Gladly residing at home. Excellent health.

Moon: Thinking approximately a house or flat. Dream house.Monthly court cases.

Key: olid building. Important house. SNew therapy.

Fish: Financial success because of self-employment. Expensive residence. House close to the water. Financing a residence.

Anchor: Engagement for the family. Long-time period reality. Safe job. Home office. Workaholic.

Cross: Church. Hospital. Dilapidated property. Protected fitness.





Life. Roots. Calm. As well: Boredom. Rest and satisfaction. Reflection. Divine cognizance. Altar. Repeat.


Haste makes waste. A strong karmic dating. Good health. As well: Gridlock. Stunting karmic subject matters. Little personal improvement. Bad health. Bad conduct.


Your persistence is wanted. Prepare to exit of your manner. As well: Avoid upsets. Be affected person.



Tree in combination with …

Rider: Good messages concerning fitness. Mobility into vintage age.

Clover: Luck in lifestyles. Positive dreams.

Ship: Long-lasting yearning. Long and religious journey. Spring jaunts.

House: Own residence. Stable fitness. House within the countryside.

Clouds: Restlessness. Uncertainty approximately a ailment. Serious disorder. Unstable health.

Snake: Boring and sluggish lady. Liberation from constraints. Making matters run smoothly.

Coffin: Disease as a result of mental stress. Major infection.

Bouquet: Best buddy. Good fitness. Zest for life.

Scythe: Miraculous recuperation. Operation.

Whip: Pain. Move. Long-term illness. Therapy. Dispute about a by no means-ending theme.

Oriole: Being indignant approximately something for a long time. Health-associated conversations. Worried about fitness. Internal fluctuations.

Child: New starting with recognize to fitness. New starting could be delayed.

Fox: Living the incorrect life. Long-time period fraud.

Bear: Stable dating. Friendship with a person. Long life. Diet. Overweight. Eating disorder. Expensive ailment.

Stars: Deep emotions. Resolve a protracted-walking dispute. Living in concord with the non secular international.

Stork: Hint for alternate. Recovery.

Dog: Friend for lifestyles. Soulmate.

Tower: Hospital. Loneliness. Long lasting retreat.

Park: Meeting uninteresting human beings. Hospital. Stable social life.

Mountain: Life with many barriers. Fatigue. Disease associated with blockages. Slowly returning to health.

Way: Long anticipate a decision. Decision that is changing your lifestyles.

Mice: Stress. Riddled with some thing. Low strength. Deterioration of health.

Heart: Love of lifestyles. Healthy.

Ring: Land buy. Lifetime partnership.

Book: Secret endures for a long term. Life thriller. Unrecognised fitness trouble.

Letter: Long-awaited message. Contact with a person from the beyond. Recipe. Laboratory results.

Man: Boring and slow accomplice.

Woman: Long-lasting kingdom referring to the card on the left. Female lifestyles companion. Sick lady. Healer.

Lily: Long-lasting harmonious segment. Strong connection with own family. Age-related health troubles.

Sun: Long-lasting happy instances. Good fitness. Lots of electricity.

Moon: Depression. Thoughts that persist.

Key: Recovery. Determination to stay.

Fish: Always having sufficient money. Secure receipts. Something is blurred.

Anchor: Right task for the rest of one’s lifestyles. Stable activity. Stable fitness. Officials.

Cross: Boredom or strong state vanishes.




Lack of readability

Ambiguities. Difficulties. Lack of perspective. Confusion resulting from medicine or something else. As properly: Dreams. Problems. Lack of independence. Getting things by dishonest.


Looking at partnership from a exclusive angle. Short-term issues. As properly: Fear of excessive call for. Confusion. Mourning. Depression.


Listen to the internal voice. Take difficulties seriously. Make a clean start. As well: Avoiding brilliant efforts. Don’t take the emotional element out of consideration.



Clouds in aggregate with …

Rider: Improvement. Getting in the understand. Confusing message.

Clover: Disappointment. Luck comes again.

Ship: More distance improves the state of affairs. Uncertain journey. The worst is over.

House: Living situation will enhance. Confusion regarding a house. Unpleasant home.

Tree: Unclear health issues. Slow recuperation.

Snake: Warning regarding the card to the right. Serious hassle for a woman.

Coffin: Slow however regular restoration. Clarity. Middle floor.

Bouquet: Pleasant consequences. Uncertain good fortune. Situation will become bearable.

Scythe: Be alert to avoid risk.

Whip: Unable to argue. Abuse. Harassment. Never-ending discussions.

Oriole: Lies. Annoying name. Everything can be cleared up slowly.

Child: Short-term improvement of a state of affairs. Problems with kids. Problems with a new starting.

Fox: Intrigue. Fraud could be cleared up slowly. Lies. Corruption.

Bear: Fixed position. Conflicts with government. A deceptive guy.

Stars: Inscrutable scenario.

Stork: Changes are cumbersome. A man in transition.

Dog: Tarnished judgment. Problems within friendship may be cleared up.

Tower: Conflicts with authorities. Loneliness and isolation will vanish. You may be with others again.

Park: Misunderstandings are eliminated. Unsafe society. Discomfort within the public.

Mountain: Slowly able to act again. Hidden obstacles.

Way: Decision will enhance situation. Indecision. Caution.

Mice: Doubts. Denying worry. Things get better speedy.

Heart: Ambiguities in a relationship get cleared. Lovesickness. Love grows slowly.

Ring: You will recover from troubles in dating. Difficulties with a agreement.

Book: Reveal a mystery slowly.

Letter: Superficiality leads to closeness. Confusing messages. Illusion.

Man: Cheater. Your situation improves.

Woman: Female cheater. Untrustworthy girl. Your situation improves.

Lily: Improvement of circle of relatives scenario. Improvement of sexual state of affairs. An affair.

Sun: Beeing satisfied again. Things gets higher.

Moon: Emotional country improves. Swinging moods. Restless sleep.

Key: Standing on shaky ground. Delayed fulfillment. Helplessness.

Fish: Financial scenario will enhance. Uncertainty approximately money.

Anchor: Unclear targets. Bad operating atmosphere.

Cross: Frightening enjoy in some weeks. Despair.





Personal card. Entanglements. Deceit. Intelligence. Seduction.. As nicely: An smart girl. Someone who likes pastime. Good judgement. Happy to be covered.


Someone who loves to seduce others. Someone who pursues their goals. As nicely: Warning towards girl rival. Someone selfish. An enemy. Funded by means of a smart lady.


Keep a clear head. Do it prudently. As well: Think twice before you act.



Snake in mixture with …

Rider: Good information from a girl. Reunion with a lady. Help.

Clover: Short-time period ambiguities. Good possibility. Don’t trust guarantees of income.

Ship: Journey in a roundabout manner. Journey with a girl. Be careful on a journey.

House: Coming home in a roundabout way. Difficulties at domestic.

Tree: Long-lasting problems. Well-known woman. Some boredom.

Clouds: Confusion. No answer. Negative influence. Evil woman.

Coffin: Complications in recuperation. End of some thing. Wise woman.

Bouquet: Be alert for hassle. Two ladies. Happy woman. She performs her element.

Scythe: Recovery. Suddenly a woman appaears.

Whip: Problems for a girl. Contentious girl.

Oriole: Sorrow caused by a lady. Slander.

Child: Woman with baby. Younger woman. Short detour.

Fox: Skillful lady liar. Female opponents.

Bear: Find every other guy with detours. Act in live performance.

Stars: Supernatural lady. Complications may be clarified.

Stork: Problems drag on. Detour. Be aware about changes.

Dog: Intrigue among friends. Friendly lady with canine. Help. Friendship failed to last lengthy.

Tower: Lonely girl. Impending separation. Female executive.

Park: Intrigue in social circle. Woman in public zone.

Mountain: Long lasting problems. Blocking. Frustrated woman. Uptight female.

Way: Avoid provided alternatives. Running away. Hide. Difficulties locating the proper manner. Woman makes a choice.

Mice: Riddled with fear. Bad making plans. Unpleasant female.

Heart: Rival. Lover. Seduction.

Ring: Contract in a roundabout way. Committed lady. Relationship with some other woman. Be careful with contracts.

Book: Secret lover. Woman hiding something. A lady you do not know but.

Letter: Difficult verbal exchange. Bad messages. News about a woman.

Man: Intelligent. Objectively. Man with lover.

Woman: Don’t underestimate yourself. Woman with a girl pal. Scammer. Liar.

Lily: Peace-loving lady. Be cautious with affairs. Sexual courting with a lady.

Sun: Woman with lots of high-quality power. Problem can be solved, however at a high charge. Happy instances with a female.

Moon: Mental pressure due to a lady. Illusion.

Key: Difficulties are inevitable. Be privy to troubles.

Fish: Financially comfortable woman. Woman receives money. Be cautious with financial transactions. Be aware about alcohol.

Anchor: Intrigue within the workplace. A female asserts herself. Be alert.

Cross: Wealthy lady. Contact with a girl decreases.





Disease. Farewell. Letting pass. Standing nonetheless. As nicely: Finances develop. Profit. Someone has to depend upon you to prevail. An authentic comes into play. Spiritual increase because of struggling.


Natural give up of a courting. A new courting is ready. As nicely: Protect yourself from bad energy. Quit current subjects.


Draw conclusions. Need a ruin. Hospital visit. As properly: It is a good time to bring something to an quit.



Coffin in mixture with …

Rider: Healing. Rebirth. Good examination results.

Clover: Short contamination. Second chance. Short-time period sorrows.

Ship: Research the real reasons of a disorder. Move, emigration.

House: Hereditary sickness. Move. Healing.

Tree: Weak fitness. Frailty.

Clouds: Long-lasting recovery. Mental infection. Be aware of infectious disorder.

Snake: Disease reasons headaches. Worried due to a lady.

Bouquet: Unpleasant vacationer. Recovery. Funeral. Cancelled go to.

Scythe: Sudden disease. Accident. Victims.

Whip: Violence. Destruction. Mute. Sick through thoughtlessness.

Oriole: Irritability. Something moves forward.

Child: Child destroys something. Ill baby. Healing is going ahead.

Fox: Fraud with extreme outcomes. End of lies. Healing on its own.

Bear: No self-self assurance. Financial things trade. Bad mom. Weakness.

Stars: Insomnia. Clouded notion.

Stork: Release. Disease will disappear. Change for the more serious.

Dog: A pal needs assist. Something is incorrect with a friendship. Long lasting sorrows.

Tower: Captivity. Hidden disorder. Lonely and ill.

Park: Cure. Cancelled occasion. Hospital.

Mountain: Time-out. Isolation. Displaced grief.

Way: Go into a brand new path. Choose opportunity techniques. Think about selection.

Mice: Slow Recovery. End of fear.

Heart: Lovesickness. Love as healing.

Ring: New starting. Completion. Trust your doctor. Chronic disease.

Book: A mystery may be revealed. Alternative recuperation techniques.

Letter: Medical end result. Diagnosis.

Man: You get a hard trip. Sick man.

Woman: You get a hard ride. Sick woman.

Lily: Stable fitness. No sex lifestyles. Hormonal disorders.

Sun: Mediumship. Energy loss. Healing.

Moon: Depression. Sadness.

Key: Predictable stop. Being slowed down. Things will enhance.

Fish: Alcohol abuse. Addiction. Running out of cash.

Anchor: Survive a ailment properly. End of safety. Nostalgia. Difficulties at paintings.

Cross: Difficulties decrease. Disease passes. At the end you’ll be a success.





Personal card. Joy. Gift. Invitation. Hope. Satisfaction. Creativity and diversity. As nicely: Courtesy. Harmony. Engagement.


Sociable woman. Happy moments spent with laughter and excellent hope. As well: Exuberance can occasionally frighten others.


Turn on your allure. Small touches that pass down properly. Funded by way of assist. As nicely: Don’t let them initiate you. Remain polite.



Bouquet in aggregate with …

Rider: Gift. Happy message. Invitation.

Clover: Gift. Complete delight. Pleasing invitation. Much good fortune.

Ship: Happy vacation. Journey.

House: Happy own family lifestyles. Beautiful residence. Celebration.

Tree: Best buddies. Good health. Nature. Spontaneous pleasure.

Clouds: Threatening traveler. Daydreaming. Idleness. A female is afraid.

Snake: Creative woman. Jealousy. Complicated meeting.

Coffin: Cancelled assembly. Unpleasant assembly. Nurse.

Scythe: Sudden and great surprise. Surprising go to. Good clinical session.

Whip: Small talk. Dispute with a lady. Pleasant verbal exchange.

Oriole: Woman reasons sorrow. Unpleasant incidents at birthday party. Funny conversations.

Child: Naive female. Great child. Gift for a child.

Fox: Work that revolves around style or splendor. Sincerity. Honest pal. False friendliness.

Bear: Befriended couple. Woman near a man.

Stars: Visitor brings readability. Hopes and goals. Spiritual expertise.

Stork: Creative hobby. Positive change. Change arises at a party.

Dog: Friends around whom you feel cozy. Good friend. Good organization.

Tower: A girl withdraws. Separation from female. Alternative medication.

Park: Garden. Nature. Public occasion. Social occasion.

Mountain: Outside. Hike. Visit brings frustrating studies.

Way: Wander through nature. Possibilities. Woman-related selection.

Mice: Losing appropriate mood. Luck is short. You cannot prevent some thing.

Heart: Falling in love. Engagement. Looking ahead to a traveler. Romantic relationship with another woman.

Ring: Close courting with every other woman. Proposal. Good settlement.

Book: Pleasing thriller. Secret assembly. Blind date.

Letter: Message from a woman. Invitation. Happy messages.

Man: Main character is near any other woman. Charming guy.

Woman: Pretty woman. You will make a visit.

Lily: Family party. Sexual dating with a girl. Satisfaction.

Sun: Welcome development. Happiness and electricity associated with a woman.

Moon: Terrible country of nerves. Spiritual increase.

Key: Big fulfillment. Visit brings actuality.

Fish: Expensive present or invitation. Female alcoholic.

Anchor: Nice colleagues. Pleasant operating surroundings. Achieving desires.

Cross: Predestined good fortune. Expected traveller does not come. Charity. Luck has a charge.





Risk. Unexpected improvement. Acute situation. Something surprising and unexpected. As well: Where the scythe is pointing is the hazard. Restless and complete of nervous energy. Immature and impetuous.


The unexpected cease of something. Look you at the encircling playing cards to see which subject matter is worried. As well: You will reap what you sow. Surprising love.


Don’t hesitate to use your weapons. Don’t make far-reaching decisions. As properly: Be extra careful. Change of task. Watch out which you don’t harm your self.



Scythe in mixture with …

Rider: Aggressive message. A cut, so some thing new can occur. Something seems to be right handiest before everything glance.

Clover: Dissolute behavior. Pleasure looking for. Sudden good fortune.

Ship: Longing is a burden. A adventure is cancelled. Dangerous ride.

House: Danger for a residence. Notice of withdrawal.

Tree: Sudden blow. Danger for health. Operation. Danger to lifestyles.

Clouds: Serious threat due to some thing related to the cardboard on the left. Indecision.

Snake: Aggressive intelligent female. Attack. Surgeon. Be very cautious with some thing signified by the card on the proper.

Coffin: Dismissal. Final cease. Serious disease.

Bouquet: Joyful fright. Aggressive female. Dangerous woman. Gift with ulterior motives.

Whip: Verbal assault. Aggressive dispute. Martial arts. Sudden recommendation.

Oriole: Dispute. Serious sorrows.

Child: Abortion. Danger for a kid.

Fox: Hazardous intrigue. Beware of fraud.

Bear: Risky passion. Surgery for weight reduction. Aggressive man. Don’t consider everybody who acts high-quality.

Stars: Be cautious at night time. Act to realize desires. Black magic.

Stork: Something begins to alternate itself. Leave things as they’re. Quick alternate. Avoid modifications.

Dog: Danger for a chum. Aggressive buddy. End of a friendship. Pet surgical treatment. Endangered friendship. Biting canine.

Tower: Unwanted solitude. Courtroom. Sudden fall apart.

Park: Gardening. Bad organization. Criminal environment. Dangerous enterprise.

Mountain: Dangerous obstacle, live away. Slow method.

Way: Separation. Fast selection. Think twice approximately choices. Decision beneath pressure.

Mice: Big loss. Danger passes. End of fear. Emotional or bodily disintegrate.

Heart: Jealousy. Heartache. Heart surgical treatment. Lovesickness.

Ring: Relationship ends. Contract ends. Aggression within dating.

Book: Secrets with risky results. A key is discovered. Withheld facts leads to damage.

Letter: Take message critically. Announcement. Dangerous message. Attack because of a letter.

Man: Aggressive man. Decision of a sturdy man. Leader.

Woman: Aggressive lady. Decision of a sturdy girl. Nervousness and quick mood.

Lily: Sexual journey via flattery. Sexual aggression.

Sun: Explosion. Electricity. Overestimated forces.

Moon: Fluctuating emotions. Embark in a risky direction.

Key: Sudden truth. To have a fake sense of security. Fate.

Fish: Financial chance. Decision impacts cash. Loss of cash. Risky commercial enterprise. Drug dependancy.

Anchor: Danger at work. Risky task.

Cross: Heavy task to hand. Overcome danger. Sudden pain.





Dispute. Communication. Discussion. Conflicts. Conversation. As well: Person who likes sports activities. Danger caused by reckless behavior. Likes running with the whole lot.


Makes fast contact. Steaming sexual encounters. S & M roleplay. Rough jests. As properly: Self-punishment. Degrading acts. Love dispute. Problems inside courting.


Enter into task negotiations. Take up area. Take matters as they come. Overcome setbacks. As properly: Litigation. Self-punishment. Hurting oneself. Dispute with colleagues. Intervention and coverage.



Whip in mixture with …

Rider: Constructive debate. Feedback.

Clover: Dispute for more than one days.

Ship: Dispute that comes from out of doors. Desire for debate.

House: Inheritance disputes. Domestic violence. Family dispute. Dispute ends in readability.

Tree: Long-lasting dispute. Lengthy negotiation.

Clouds: Bad dispute. Confusing dispute.

Snake: Eloquence. Dispute approximately a girl. Danger.

Coffin: Destruction. Battle consequences in separation. Speechlessness.

Bouquet: Visit brings hassle. Discussions with a girl.

Scythe: Accident. Sudden sudden argument. Injurious communique.

Oriole: Chatterbox. Discussions approximately not anything. A lot of conversations. Rush.

Child: Petty dispute. Restless new beginning. Childish conversation.

Fox: Dispute about lies. Athlete. Conflict at paintings.

Bear: Discussion or dispute with a person. Trusting a council.

Stars: Clarifying communique. Call for spirits.

Stork: Conversation quickly brings trade. Disruptive trade. Dispute with results.

Dog: Dispute with a chum. Gentle strokes. Consultant.

Tower: Exit interview. Court dispute. Trouble with authorities. Unilateral communication.

Park: A lot of human beings are worried in a dispute. Public communication. Public dispute.

Mountain: Race against the wall. Discussions that lead nowhere. Communication is blocked.

Way: Uncertainty approximately which way you need to go. A lot of capacity decisions. Forced choice.

Mice: Get on quick. Exhaustion.

Heart: Follow your heart. Passionate love. Conflicts in love. The quarrel of fanatics is the renewal of affection.

Ring: Discussion about courting. Never-ending disputes.

Book: Off the report. Conflict approximately a secret.

Letter: Aggressive message.

Man: Valiant. Opinionated guy. Open guy.

Woman: Valiant. Open and sociable woman. Good consultant.

Lily: Dispute approximately sexual experience. Dispute brings contemporary peace to an end.

Sun: Charisma. Skittishness. Discussions complete of strength.

Moon: Hurting someone with phrases. Psychotherapy.

Key: Discussion clarifies state of affairs. Unavoidable war of words.

Fish: Finance associated recommendation. Emotional engagement. Arguments approximately cash.

Anchor: Dispute at paintings. Job-associated negotiations.

Cross: A consultant as to the manner born. Disputes decrease.




Hustle and bustle

Move. Excitement. Restlessness. Nervousness. As properly: Doubts. Ambiguity. Clairvoyance.


Exciting instances. An vintage married couple. Problems knowledge each different. Flighty. As nicely: Superficial. Stay in partnership for diplomatic reasons. Mood swings.


A collection of brief conferences or notifications. Communication. As well: Make certain you’re on the right manner. Don’t listen to gossip. Don’t flow too speedy.



Oriole in mixture with …

Rider: Unnecessary concerns. A lot of messages. Discussions.

Clover: Successful call. Productive talks. Worries move via quickly.

Ship: Phone calls regarding a adventure. A journey that is marked by using movements.

House: Gossip manufacturing facility. Talking approximately a residence. Roommate. Trouble with acquaintances.

Tree: Being angry for a long time. Worried approximately lifestyles.

Clouds: Overwhelming concerns. Large doubt. Decreasing gossip.

Snake: Sorrow due to a girl. Gossip. Things are going from terrible to worse.

Coffin: Sick from sorrow. Break the silence.

Bouquet: Exciting celebration. Funny appointment. Grief due to a hectic female.

Scythe: Doubts all of sudden vanish. Break.

Whip: Stressful conversation. Disagreement.

Child: Sorrow approximately a child. Brothers and sisters. Excitement for every little issue.

Fox: Message turns out to be a lie. Job-related calls / conversations. Avoid exhilaration.

Bear: Provocative guy. Roleplaying game.

Stars: Subliminal inflammation. Promising name.

Stork: Talks cause adjustments.

Dog: Sorrows about a friend. Conversation with pals.

Tower: Discussions approximately right and incorrect.

Park: Public nuisance. Seminars. Feeling uncomfortable in society.

Mountain: Can’t solve issues. Get no solution.

Way: Call with appreciate to a choice. Make a choice out of sorrow.

Mice: Being absolutely aggravated. Less verbal exchange. Stress and anxiety skip with the aid of.

Heart: Talks about love. Lovesickness. Turbulent love life.

Ring: Excitement because of a agreement. Several contracts.

Book: Unexpressed anger. Teacher. Unforeseen hassle.

Letter: Annoying messages. A lot of complicated messages.

Man: Seller. Talkative guy. Main character has sorrow.

Woman: Getting into a large number.

Lily: Worries because of sexual studies. Long discussions. Dubious relationships.

Sun: Everything is going to be all right. Great call.

Moon: Deep sorrow. Difficult instances.

Key: Trouble with insurance. Unavoidable doubt.

Fish: Short-lived money. Worried approximately money.

Anchor: Job-associated sorrow. Stressful process.

Cross: Worries move through. Time is a great healer.




New beginning

Personal card. Child. Curiosity. Innocence. Free and unburdened. Small. As well: One’s own child as much as puberty. Youth. Growth.


Childhood. Open to new buddies. Dependent. New love. Natural country. As properly: Immaturity. Bad making plans. Love has to develop. Apprenticeship. Purity.


Let your internal child out. Start from the beginning. As well: It’s a good time for a brand new begin. Forget about the whole thing. Let yourself be guided with the aid of reason.



Child in combination with …

Rider: Good message about a new starting. Good information approximately child.

Clover: Good new beginning. Lucky toddler. Good early life. Four kids.

Ship: Unfulfilled desire for kids. Getaway. New journey. Longing for brand spanking new begin.

House: Kindergarten. Childcare. New residence. Little residence.

Tree: Start everything over from the start. Fertility.

Clouds: Desire for children. Difficult adolescence. Uncertain new starting.

Snake: Younger woman. Problem resulting from a child. Woman with a infant.

Coffin: Nothing extreme. Miscarriage. Abortion. Sick child. Waiting for a new starting.

Bouquet: Naive female. Daughter. Visit from a infant. Charming baby. Gift for a child.

Scythe: Abortion operation. Sick baby. Sudden new begin.

Whip: Deception. Bothersome new starting. Dispute about little matters. Childish verbal exchange.

Oriole: Stress over trifles. Brothers and sisters. A group of small youngsters.

Fox: Young boy. Little white lies. Clever baby.

Bear: Childlike accept as true with. Physically sturdy child. Naive guy.

Stars: Naive thoughts. Child celebrity. Good new beginning. Purity.

Stork: Pregnancy. One more change. New begin ends in some thing represented through the cardboard to the right.

Dog: Little patience. Young dog. Friends from childhood.

Tower: Only toddler. School. Childcare. Educational authority. Living separately from the kid.

Park: Small community. Children’s playground. Kindergarten.

Mountain: Bothering infant. Disabled child.

Way: Naive choice. Short trips. Brothers and sisters. New choice. New manner. Child-related decision.

Mice: Child leaves home. Small losses. Short put off.

Heart: Naturalness. Benevolence. New love. A younger rival.

Ring: Adoption. New dating. Beginning of a courting. Naivety with contracts.

Book: School. Child with mystery. Little secret.

Letter: Carefree clean begin. Birth assertion. Unimportant message. SMS or Chat. Triviality.

Man: Naive and younger man. New beginning for a man. Guileless major person.

Woman: Naive fundamental individual. Immature. Delicate female.

Lily: Little circle of relatives. Looking older than one is. Sexual naivety.

Sun: New beginning with strength and power. Happy infant.

Moon: Desire to have youngsters. Sensitive baby.

Key: Self-assured child. Important restart. Child brings security.

Fish: Poverty. Small gift. Small amount of cash. Little feelings.

Anchor: Temporary paintings. Working with kids. Secure new starting. Child-related commercial enterprise.

Cross: Listening to the internal infant. Unhappy child. Difficult youth. Lose contact with a infant.





Personal card. Fraud, lies, dishonesty. Falseness, self-deception, or poor mindset. The incorrect time for something. As properly: New obligations at work. Fate factors you within the proper route. Distance.


Do what wishes to be completed to offer in your own family. Open your eyes. Intrigue. As well: Deception. Lack of trust or respect. Don’t be made a fool.


Hard work. Being clever and foxy. Be alert. Nobody’s idiot. As properly: Illegal activities to get by using. Stop gossip. Go the way of reality.



Fox in mixture with …

Rider: Good messages are lies. Message that appears proper, however only in the beginning look.

Clover: False pleasure.

Ship: Stay near every other. Problem with a journey. Stay at domestic.

House: Fraudulent family member. Wrong vicinity to live. Living inside the incorrect frame.

Tree: Workers in health provider. Misdiagnosis. Precautionary fitness care.

Clouds: Falseness. Serious fraud.

Snake: Lying female. Danger.

Coffin: Wrong analysis. No schooling.

Bouquet: False call. Gossip. Gift with strings connected.

Scythe: Unexpected fraud. Work twist of fate.

Whip: Problem caused by dishonesty. Dispute and arguments are the incorrect way. Avoid discussions.

Oriole: Libel and slander. Dishonest communication. Excitement due to fraud. Pointless disappointed.

Child: Little white lies. Clever infant. Lying child.

Bear: Clever in managing money. Finding deception wherein you might not anticipate it. Nice guy who lies.

Stars: Wrong time. Wrong attitude. Negative vibes.

Stork: Changes precipitated by way of intrigue. Fraud gets exposed. Avoid modifications.

Dog: False friendship. Dishonest friend. Wrong animal.

Tower: Prison. Old secrets. Conflicts with officers. Don’t surrender.

Park: Wrong society. Hypocrisy. Public fraud. Lots of human beings are worried in fraud.

Mountain: Problem due to lies. Blowing up problems.

Way: Clever selection. Think carefully about choices. Wrong time. Wrong path.

Mice: The bubble pops. Confession.

Heart: Manipulation. Love-associated betrayal. Dishonesty in love topics. Wrong associate.

Ring: Wrong or mendacity associate. Manipulation in courting. Spurious ring.

Book: Fraud is saved secret. Creativity. Conspiracy.

Letter: Manipulation. False records.

Man: Untrustworthy. Smart guy. Liars. Intrigue.

Woman: Untrustworthy. Smart woman. Impostor. Intrigue.

Lily: Wrong behavior in sexual topics. Lying to the family.

Sun: Faked pleasure. Imaginary pressure.

Moon: Emotional dishonesty. Thoughts go in the wrong course. Delusions.

Key: Intrigue. Insurance fraud.

Fish: Financial fraud. Clever in coping with cash. Wrong coping with money.

Anchor: Intrigue. Long-lasting dishonesty. Mobbing.

Cross: Big mistake. Lies are a burden.




Strong personality

Personal card. Boss. Stubbornness. Older or legit person. Strength. Power. Possession. As properly: Luck. Progress in work. Find an settlement.


A father determine. A protector. A sober individual. As properly: Presumptuous. Intimidating. Rival. Ex-husband.


A instruct. Trust someone. Body-builder. Be assertive. As nicely: Trust your self. Avoid individuals who envy your luck. Aggressive. Mobbing.



Bear in mixture with …

Rider: A guy comes up to you. Good message about money. Solution to all troubles. Strength in teens.

Clover: Growth. Short stability. Enjoying wealth.

Ship: Longing for another man. Expensive adventure.

House: Stable residence. Security. Nice guy in solid conditions.

Tree: Long lifestyles. Stability.

Clouds: Inscrutable guy. Battered self-esteem. Financial uncertainty. Sensitive man.

Snake: Boss and a girl. Nice man who is already sure.

Coffin: Elderly sick individual. Financial losses. Weakened self-esteem.

Bouquet: Prosperity. Man who’s near a lady.

Scythe: Man comes out of nowhere. Money is scarce. Closed account.

Whip: Mighty man. Lawyer.

Oriole: Trouble with an crucial guy. Talking with boss or mom. Money negotiations.

Child: Naive man. Strong toddler. Fatherly.

Fox: Nice and honest man. Lies about money. Dishonest boss. Loss resulting from fraud.

Stars: Explanatory speak with a man. Happy instances. Clarification and correction of fears and weaknesses.

Stork: Financial modifications. Changes caused by a person. New boss.

Dog: Much endurance. Friendly boss. Stable friendship.

Tower: Important authority. Court. Bank. Separation from a great pal.

Park: Patron of a massive organisation.

Mountain: Stubborn. Boss who makes life hard.

Way: Willingness to compromise. Boss makes a choice. Decisive man.

Mice: Stability is eaten away. Financial losses. Losing an critical buddy.

Heart: Strong coronary heart. Warm man. Passionate love. Love to eat. Love with a md.

Ring: Reliable contractors. Relationship with a effective person. Trustful relationship.

Book: Unknown guy. Financial mystery. To be discreet in individual. Meeting a man who you don’t know but.

Letter: Message from a pleasant man. Sharing. Check your mail.

Man: Strong guy. Overweight man. Friend of husband. Strong character.

Woman: Mother. Main person gets in touch with a man. Strong character.

Lily: Family head. Man who desires sexual relationship. Financial advice.

Sun: Long-lasting, glad period of life. Prosperity. Assertiveness.

Moon: Daydreaming of every other guy. Leading character in media.

Key: Nice guy who brings protection. Security via ownership.

Fish: Rich and first-class man. A lot of money. Security reputable.

Anchor: Hard-running man. Friendly lengthy-term boss. Need to govern.

Cross: Contact with a man decreases. Donate. High dignitaries.





Inspiration. Spirituality. Knowledge. Great happiness. As well: Attraction. A karmic dating. A brother or friend. Love tale.


Dreaming of someone or longing for a person. Fulfilled love. As nicely: Someone underneath a fortunate celebrity. Unrealistic expectation. Addiction.


Listen on your internal voice and you will be successful. Recognition. Camping or trekking inside the wild. Don’t lose touch with fact. Avoiding strain and getting enough sleep. As nicely: Don’t daydream too much. Take care. Take advantage of this fortunate length and achieve exact effects. Change things if you may.



Star in aggregate with …

Rider: A excellent message. Dreams come genuine. Message gives readability.

Clover: Listen to one’s internal voice. Cheerfulness.

Ship: Spiritual adventure. Astral travel.

House: Haunted house. Dream home. Middle voice.

Tree: Long-lasting, glad period in existence. Spiritual life.

Clouds: Losing evaluation. Confusion. Frog.

Snake: Central woman. The inscrutable clarifies itself.

Coffin: Sleeplessness. End. Hypersensitivity.

Bouquet: Celebrity. Sensitive and captivating female. Herbalist. Big good fortune.

Scythe: Sudden clarity. Fast movement. Scales will fall from your eyes.

Whip: Resolving dispute definitely and with out damage. Talent for dowsing.

Oriole: Inner turmoil. Conference. Network.

Child: Be sincere with a baby. Talking approximately choice for a kid. Familiar spirit.

Fox: Clever idea. Genius.

Bear: Lucky beggar. Explanatory discussion with a man.

Stork: Change brings clarity. Change of thoughts. Change matters if you can.

Dog: Deep friendship. Soulmates.

Tower: High goals. Success with government.

Park: Theater. Success within public.

Mountain: Someone or some thing blocks readability. Blocked goals.

Way: Great decision. Decide on a intestine stage.

Mice: Disappointment. Fallacy.

Heart: The success of love. Finding the affection of one’s existence.

Ring: Spiritual courting. Fulfilling dating.

Book: Spiritual information. Be in the darkish. Fortune teller. Ambiguities.

Letter: Clear conversation. Recommendations. Good information. Get redeeming message.

Man: Realistic, clean predominant man or woman. Intelligent and tough to deceive.

Woman: Main character will locate readability quickly. Supernatural.

Lily: Honest and clean relationship. Good sexual conformity.

Sun: Finding inner electricity. Honor. Fulfilment.

Moon: Deep contentment. Coming to terms with yourself.

Key: Enlightenment. Self-esteem. Success.

Fish: Clairvoyance. A lot of cash. Soulmate. Clear feelings.

Anchor: Hall of repute. Artistic career. Professional self-attention.

Cross: Fulfilled karma. Spiritual ideas. Total know-how.





Journey. Move. Changing jobs. Flexibility. As nicely: Turning lower back. Mother determine. Transformation.


This card represents steady exchange. Look at the encircling playing cards to discover to what is converting or tormented by trade. As properly: Start modifications. Change via or through partnership.


You need to consider a reversal. Change your existence. As nicely: Take action to begin some thing new. Don’t circulate in the incorrect route.



Stork in aggregate with …

Rider: News approximately adjustments. Change brings progress. A new man brings modifications on your existence.

Clover: Successful changes come within the following few days.

Ship: Longing for change. Change of residence. Changes relating to a adventure.

House: Move. Instable body.

Tree: Improved fitness. Long-lasting adjustments. Change will are available in about three hundred and sixty five days.

Clouds: Lack of concentration. Threatening trade. Uncertain trade.

Snake: Change is not on time. Change in a roundabout manner. Changes for a woman.

Coffin: Rejection. No exchange. End in sight.

Bouquet: To get to recognize a new lady. Improvements. Visitor brings changes.

Scythe: Unexpected change. Painful trade. Sudden change.

Whip: Disputes. Restless exchange. Prison or court docket.

Oriole: Difficult trade. Changes with  opportunities.

Child: New begin ends in exchange. Pregnancy. Changes for a kid. Short-time period change.

Fox: Keep the popularity quo. Positive trade via cunning. Avoid something is represented with the aid of the card to the left.

Bear: Change brings balance. New boss. Change for the better.

Stars: The card to the left will carry readability. Positive change.

Dog: Changing attitudes closer to loyalty. New friends.

Tower: Multiple separations. End of loneliness. Changes are constrained.

Park: Change of surroundings. Changes in society. Change is public.

Mountain: At the moment, no adjustments are possible. Development falters. Slow progress.

Way: Go specific methods. Change guidelines. Change brings a decision.

Mice: No adjustments in any respect. Discouragement. Unpleasant change. Sticking to what you’re used to.

Heart: A relationship adjustments for the better. Change for which you were hoping. Things which might be near your coronary heart will change.

Ring: Love match. Promise. Contract modifications. The card to the left will lead to a strong courting.

Book: Change as a result of insight. A key’s revealed. Unexpected trade.

Letter: Superficial changes. News approximately adjustments.

Man: Moody. Torn internal. Man looking forward to adjustments. Flexible.

Woman: Moody. Torn inside. Changes for a girl. Woman awaiting changes.

Lily: Mature man results in a trade. Short affair. Changes in circle of relatives.

Sun: Actively exchange some thing. Positive trade brings strength. Will to act.

Moon: Emotional modifications. Emotional delight.

Key: Life-changing occasion. Change will definitely occur. Change offers safety. Important change.

Fish: The card to the left is crucial for getting extra cash. Financial adjustments.

Anchor: Restructuring at paintings. Long-term consequences. Change by means of launch. Changes at work.

Cross: No modifications in any respect. End to sorrow.





Personal card. Loyalty. Binding. Hold tight. Trust. Help. Benevolence. As nicely: Building lasting foundations. Ground your self. Return to nature.


A excellent and constant buddy. Someone whom you recognize properly and consider. As nicely: Patiently waiting for something. Don’t doubt the loyalty of a positive individual.


Someone who represents your interests, as an example: docs, monetary advisors or book holders. View the encircling cards to get greater records. Don’t cancel remedy. As properly: Attempting to hurt a person. People you may depend on blindly.



Dog in mixture with …

Rider: Someone you realize will go to you. New friendship.

Clover: Fun and happiness with friends. Helpful pal. Friend in good fortune.

Ship: Longing for friendship. Companion on a adventure.

House: Hospitality. Good community. Pet. Doghouse. Friend of the own family.

Tree: Friendship for lifestyles. Nurse. Doctor.

Clouds: A buddy is threatened. Illoyality. Unsafe friendship.

Snake: Good female pal. A woman and a dog. Friendship in a roundabout way.

Coffin: A pal is unwell. End of a friendship. Something is wrong with a friendship.

Bouquet: Friendly humans. Good friendship with a lady.

Scythe: End of a friendship. Friend is in want.

Whip: Helpful brother or pal. Dog teacher. Benevolent recommendation. Friendly dispute.

Oriole: Talkative buddy. Conversations. A friendship brings sorrow. Socializing.

Child: School friends. Child with a dog. New canine. New friendship. Younger brother.

Fox: Hunter. Bad friend. Honest and sincere buddy.

Bear: Mighty buddy. Elder pal. Benevolence and softness.

Stars: Deep friendship. Confusion among pals is eliminated. Famous friend.

Stork: Changing Circle. Patience ends in trade.

Tower: Withdrawal from pals. Lonely pal. Friend within the government.

Park: Meeting with a chum at an event. Networking. Friendship is in cognizance. Big social circle.

Mountain: Distance among buddies. Disappointment due to a friend.

Way: Definitely foreign behavior. A pal is dealing with a selection.

Mice: Loss of buddies. Annoying friendship. Impatience.

Heart: Loyalty in love. Loving buddy. Friendship turns to like.

Ring: Devotion. Familial bond. Friendly contract.

Book: New friends. A friend has a secret. Introvert.

Letter: Superficial friendships. Email / Letter from a pal.

Man: Companion. Affectionate. Loyal guy.

Woman: Trustworthy woman. Loyal female. Friendly courting with a man.

Lily: Sexually-prompted friendship. Harmonic friendship.

Sun: Strong friendship. Warm friendship.

Moon: Deep conversations among buddies. Creative pal.

Key: A friend upon whom you may rely absolutely. Important buddy.

Fish: Financially successful friend. Social circle wherein cash plays a role.

Anchor: Long-lasting friendship. Stable friendship. Good colleagues.

Cross: A buddy allows in difficult instances. Difficult friendship. Losing a friend.





Authority or office. Loneliness or isolation. As non-public card: individual in a main function. As properly: Release. Clean up to loose up area. Out with the old, in with the brand new. Divorce.


Active searching out love. Search for dating. Can’t pass ahead. As properly: Loneliness and solitude. It won’t be an clean venture.


Corporations. Government companies. Offices. Organizations. Independence. Planning. As nicely: Setting limits. You might not get help. Be careful with your fitness. Don’t isolate your self.


Planning beforehand

Tower in aggregate with …

Rider: Freedom. Government news. Thinking about separation.

Clover: Luck at faculty. Separation is a stroke of good fortune. Opportunity from an authority.

Ship: Traveling abroad. Business journey. Longing for solitude.

House: Cottage in a quiet area. Big house. Real estate overseas.

Tree: Long life. Boredom causes separation. Meditation center. Life as a hermit.

Clouds: Separation with critical effects. Feeling deserted. Prison.

Snake: Separation in a roundabout way. Independent lady.

Coffin: Hospital. Cemetery. End of solitude.

Bouquet: Divorce from a woman. Student celebration. Separate from others.

Scythe: Sudden separation. Dangerous solo.

Whip: Discussion with father. Fitness middle. Court dispute.

Oriole: House of representatives. Parliament. Separation from sorrows. Unwanted loneliness.

Child: Temporary separation. Adoption business enterprise. New starting. Turning old into new.

Fox: Don’t surrender. Fraud in the government.

Bear: Money organization. Divorce from a man. Secure cash.

Stars: Retreat to find your self. Pioneering revel in.

Stork: Change of government. Changing your self. Retreat.

Dog: Withdrawal from friends. Protect a chum. Giving up a friendship.

Park: Stay by myself in a set of humans. Public constructing. Hotel.

Mountain: Stubbornness. Roadblock. Loneliness. Insurmountable impediment.

Way: Egoistic decision. Lonely manner. Lonely choice.

Mice: Maddening selfishness. Corporate loss. Separation is undone.

Heart: Unattainable love. Insensitivity. Lonely dating. Lonley heart.

Ring: Treaty. End of relationship.

Book: A key’s saved inside the family. Teacher. Professor. Separation is not up for dialogue.

Letter: Alert from an authority. Short-term separation. Message about separation.

Man: Big man. Government employee. Main character is just divorced. Egotistic most important man or woman.

Woman: Egotistic fundamental person. Lonely girl. Woman has separation in advance.

Lily: Retreat from sexual activity. Put an end to an affair.

Sun: Liberating separation. Energy improve. Climax.

Moon: Isolation. Creative organisation.

Key: Separation to advantage security. Success in a lawsuit. Strong safety.

Fish: Person in leadership role. Bank. Trade middle.

Anchor: Job middle. Long-lasting safety. Working for your very own.

Cross: Slow reconciliation after separation. Church. Temple.





Audience. Customers to fulfill. Official occasion. Something will become seen. As properly: Health occupations. Quiet. Sunday. Theater. Big occasion.


Friends. Relatives. Family events. As well: Listen to opinions of others. Don’t maintain quiet.


Networking. Join on line communities. Publicize your issues. As nicely: Strong public encouragement. Be conscious of others. It’s no longer usually important to apply force to succeed.



Park in mixture with …

Rider: Get to recognise a person new. Meet larger organizations.

Clover: Good popularity. Fun celebration.

Ship: Party on a ship. Travel institution. Cruise. Longing for extra people.

House: Public constructing. Welcome a person. Party at home. Hotel.

Tree: Recreation area. Hospital. Public lifestyles.

Clouds: Harmful control. Public disturbances. Unclear situations.

Snake: Private conflicts turn out to be public. Disorder.

Coffin: Hospital. Destruction.

Bouquet: Big and happy occasion. Social / public event. Gardening show.

Scythe: Criminal environment. Sudden site visitors.

Whip: Theatre. Public dispute.

Oriole: Excited p.C.. Concert. Public assembly. Public nuisance.

Child: Naive circle of friends. Playground. Kindergarten.

Fox: Sincere society. Wrong employer.

Bear: Supplier. Best circles of friends. A guy you realize.

Stars: Take drastic action. Supporters. Straighten things out.

Stork: Change in demand. Public modifications. Event is moved.

Dog: Big circle of pals. Popular friend. Fan community.

Tower: Hotel. Public constructing. Feeling lonely in society.

Mountain: Problems in public. Frustrating social circle. Boring event. Cancelled occasion.

Way: Walking within the park. Publications. Political decision.

Mice: Loss of circle of friends. Avoid society. Disturbing occasion. Cancelled occasion.

Heart: An incorporated complete. Engagement birthday party. Be attracted with the aid of a set.

Ring: Commitment. Public approval. Marriage.

Book: Treat topics with secrecy. Secrets stored in relationships. School. Library.

Letter: Announcement. Entrance ticket. Invitation to an event. Superficial environment.

Man: Open-minded and sociable. Popular man. Turning one’s returned on society.

Woman: Cheerful lady. Woman within the public. Main person loves society and call with human beings.

Lily: Harmonic temper inside circle of friends. Strip bar.

Sun: Fame. Recognition in the public.

Moon: Considerate approach to someone. Celebrity event.

Key: Important assembly with a purpose to appear for certain. Environment offers security.

Fish: Financial organization. Public cash. Getting wealthy via many clients.

Anchor: Teamwork. Stability. Public relations.

Cross: Withdrawal from people. Burial.





Personal card. Block. Inhibitions. Frustration. As nicely: Big. Strong. Good-natured.


Desire to conquer barriers to love and to discover information. Longing for a person or something. As well: Infatuation that prevents you from going beforehand. Don’t be cussed. Look for every other answer. Be diplomatic. Avoid quarrels.


Finding some other manner. Expecting problems or loss. Disability. Accept a challenge. As well: Rethink and search for alternatives. Be affected person. Wait.



Mountain in combination with …

Rider: Someone sooner or later suggests up. Messages arrive overdue. Good side goes not noted.

Clover: In the give up the whole lot may be excellent. Things move forward. Keep trying.

Ship: Journey starts offevolved after a put off. Delays. Unfulfilled desires.

House: House in the mountains. Foreclosure. Loneliness.

Tree: Used to problems. Long-lasting troubles.

Clouds: Frustrating enjoy. Obscure impediment. Hesitation. Confusion.

Snake: Woman is past due. Larger problem. Frustration due to a female.

Coffin: Barriers come down. Suffering in silence.

Bouquet: Block is effortlessly dissolved. Relief. Unpleasant situation.

Scythe: Obstacle is quickly removed.

Whip: Serious dispute. Impatience. Avoiding someone.

Oriole: Reconnect with yourself. Long-awaited name. Don’t understand in what route you should pass.

Child: Childlessness. Small block. Problem with a brand new starting.

Fox: Misjudged impediment. Lack of opportunities for development. Imaginary impediment.

Bear: Shy man. Mountain climber. Money is sluggish in coming.

Stars: Forgetfulness. Dreams are blocked. Success stagnates.

Stork: No adjustments. Multiple obstacles. Frustrating trade.

Dog: Disappointment resulting from a chum. Loneliness. Abandoned dog. Bad experience with a intended near buddy.

Tower: Deadlock. Legal regulations. Unapproachable person.

Park: Blocked in public. Boring event. Delayed conferences.

Way: Blocked choice. Decision made below pressure.

Mice: Obstacle will quickly be long past. Conflict arises.

Heart: Lonelyness. Cold-hearted. Heart lawsuits.

Ring: No binding capability. Alone in dating. Frustrating relationship.

Book: Something is successfully kept mystery. Slow development.

Letter: Blocked message. No solution.

Man: Egotistic and dominant foremost person. Man with blockages. Unloving.

Woman: Main person is blocking herself. Cold female.

Lily: Family troubles. No intercourse lifestyles. Sexual inhibition.

Sun: Long-awaited achievement. Enough energy to conquer the impediment.

Moon: Blocked emotions. Immunity.

Key: Overcoming limitations. Assertiveness is wanted.

Fish: Money arrives overdue. Financial limitations. Fishing. Closed account. Difficulties to reveal emotions.

Anchor: Blockage in place of job. Long-lasting blockades.

Cross: Burden. Blockage dissolves. Overcome inhibitions.





A selection is pending. Choice. More alternatives. Tolerance. As well: Make a choice. A mature woman. Possibilities. Influenced thru money.


Willingness to compromise. Don’t pay attention to what other people say. New possibilities. Two paths move. As well: Leave something behind you. Change of heart. Love is at a turning point.


Make decisions. Look for alternatives. Remain proper to your self. As properly: Don’t wait any longer. Don’t remain at the wheel. Trust your choice.



Way in combination with …

Rider: Several messages. You are on the right direction. Message that brings a selection.

Clover: Happy decision. Path to luck. Decision can be made rapidly.

Ship: Others name for a decision. Multiple opportunities on a journey.

House: Family-associated choice. Two houses.

Tree: Long anticipate a choice. Decision regarding fitness questions.

Clouds: Unsafe decision. Unclear alternatives. Difficulties to determine for some thing or a person.

Snake: Decision approximately a girl. Difficult selections. Decision would not come obviously to you. Detours.

Coffin: Wrong selection. Difficult to determine. Negative end result. End of the street. Postpone decision.

Bouquet: Decision approximately a girl. Nature walk. Positive end result.

Scythe: Sudden decision. Accident. Painful choice.

Whip: Multiple selections. Decision in dispute. Discussion about dreams. Decisive council.

Oriole: A lot of selections. A lot of discussions. A tough decision. There isn’t simply one way of doing it.

Child: Following new avenues. Twins. Decision about a child. Brothers and sisters.

Fox: Wrong selection. Be on the right direction. Wrong way.

Bear: Confidence in a selection. Decision about a man. Decision influences cash.

Stars: Decision brings clean conditions. Positive result. Executives.

Stork: Indecision. Progress. Move. Several possibilities.

Dog: Decision in prefer of a chum. Decision regarding a pal.

Tower: Ways out of isolation. Court decision. Decision approximately separation.

Park: Several parties. Decision within public sphere. Public vote casting. Decision that depends on many elements.

Mountain: Blocked decision. No results. A choice is not feasible yet.

Mice: Nobody else could make this selection for you. Exhaustion. Effort. Alternatives get lost.

Heart: Uncertainty. Two partners. Love-related choice is arising.

Ring: Binding selection. Multiple offers. Relationship-related decision.

Book: Crucial file. There is no decision but. Discovery.

Letter: Crucial document. A message is on its way. Message brings the expected selection.

Man: Recommended or really useful guy. Hesitant man. Main man or woman takes the perfect course.

Woman: Main individual has to make a decision. Indecisive woman. Main person is leaving.

Lily: Family related decision. Sexual decision.

Sun: Volition. Great fulfillment. The right desire. Sunny way.

Moon: Pondering approximately a decision. Emotional choice. Ways to gain recognition.

Key: Making a secure decision. Important decision. Be fantastic about a selection.

Fish: Decision on a intestine degree. Several incomes.

Anchor: Restructuring inside the administrative center. Career desire. Work-related decision. Trust.

Cross: Stand at a crossroads. Fate. No turning lower back.





Something gnaws at judgment of right and wrong. Theft. Slow decrease. Defeat. Failure. As nicely: Hard paintings. A dispute. Spiritual / occult gaining knowledge of. Studies. Hope will now not be found out.


You are running out of time. Loss of sorrows. Promises aren’t met. As nicely: Loss of relationships. Be cautious. Pay attention to small symptoms. Happiness is threatened.


Solve your problem systematically. Act quickly. Remain alert. As properly: Take extra time to be compassionate. Nervousness. Stay true.



Mice in aggregate with …

Rider: Good news isn’t always received. Worrying approximately a person’s arrival. Disturbing messages.

Clover: Luck decrease. Bad time.

Ship: Transport hassle. A journey is cancelled. Delayed experience.

House: Necessary repairs to the house. Pests. Drop-out.

Tree: Unhealthy behaviour. Illness due to pressure. Bad timing.

Clouds: Major illness. Ambiguity. Release tension.

Snake: Difficulties efficiently bypassed. Theft having to do with a female. A woman is rejected. Difficulties dealing with some thing.

Coffin: End of fear. Fast healing.

Bouquet: Visitor does not come. Tension.

Scythe: Separation. Sudden loss. Danger is neglected.

Whip: End of dispute. Loss of challenges. Conflicts ought to be prevented.

Oriole: Secretiveness. Problems are displaced. Stressful calls. Fright.

Child: Unwanted baby. Unpleasant new beginning.

Fox: Confession. Job loss. Fraud is uncovered.

Bear: Powerlessness. Loss of strength.

Stars: Debate does no longer take place. Pressure to attain positive targets.

Stork: Clinging to old conduct. Unintentional change.

Dog: Decreasing friendship. Strenuous friendship. Rejection of a pal. Impatience.

Tower: Conflicts with the regulation. Separation isn’t the purpose.

Park: Beware of pickpockets. Boring event.

Mountain: Abandonment. Frustration is released. Overcome inhibitions. Conflict decision.

Way: Less alternatives. Unsafe choice. Indecisiveness.

Heart: Unhappiness in love. Emotional stress. Love has grown cold.

Ring: Relationship is undesired. Unreliable consultation. Contract is dissolved.

Book: Failed examination. Worries approximately the unknown. A secret’s found out.

Letter: Lost message. Contact is undesirable.

Man: Sick man. Worried guy. Depressive man. Lack of self-love. Main man or woman has doubts.

Woman: Lack of self-love. Main person has doubts. Exhausted girl. Changed lady.

Lily: Rejection of a sexual offer. End of an affair. Denial of sexual desires.

Sun: No succes for the time being. Withdrawal is the wrong choice. Lack of strength.

Moon: Superficial behavior. Impulses. Cold.

Key: Unreliability. Risk. Nothing happens by way of itself.

Fish: Depression. Financial losses. Money isn’t vital.

Anchor: Unemployment. Imminent termination.

Cross: Getting over something. Grief. Loss isn’t always vital anymore. Anxiety.





Warmth. Luck. Partnership. Intimate feelings. Put your complete heart into it. As nicely: Helpfulness. Lover. Someone is anticipated. Unmarried or immature.


Everything occurs in keeping with your wishes. Someone who’s cherished and preferred. As properly: An affair. Sexual suggestions. The one you adore will empower you. Vulnerability.


Give your heart away. Track your course. As well: Rely on the people you adore.



Heart in aggregate with …

Rider: Declaration of affection. Passionate message. New encounters. Young man in love.

Clover: Loving ecosystem for the following few days. Lucky in love.

Ship: Love will locate you. Honeymoon. Romantic journey. Long-distance relationship. Longing for love.

House: Right apartment. Loving own family. Trustworthy love.

Tree: Long lasting love. Karmic connection. Love of your lifestyles.

Clouds: Love is a chance. Uncertain love.

Snake: Affair. Love with detours. Seduction. Jealousy.

Coffin: Much struggling. Love grows stagnant. End of affection.

Bouquet: Warm invitation. Flirt. Rendezvous.

Scythe: Sudden love. Separation. Decisions approximately love life. Passionate love.

Whip: Passion. Dispute in love subjects. Sex.

Oriole: Lovesickness. Pair. Pounding of heart.

Child: New love. New starting in preexisting partnership.

Fox: Forlorn wish. Fraud in romantic subjects. Dishonest dating. Taking gain of someone.

Bear: Envy. Protective accomplice. Passionate love. Overbearing accomplice. Jealousy. Warm guy. Possessive love.

Stars: Person of your desires. Deep love. Fulfilled love.

Stork: Falling in love again. Changes because of love. Several affairs. Change of coronary heart. Developing dating.

Dog: Warm affection. Very excellent pals. Love turns to friendship. Soulmate. Friend of the family .

Tower: Lovesickness resulting from withdrawal of the accomplice. Lonely love existence.

Park: Wedding. Several partners. Public show of affection. Meeting the remarkable love at a celebration.

Mountain: Lack of commitment in love. Cold coronary heart. Difficulty displaying love. Frustration in topics of love.

Way: Passionate decision. Love-related selection. Turning factor in love.

Mice: Separation. Distressed love. Heartlessness.

Ring: Cordial connection. Marriage. Great contract.

Book: Covert affair. Secret love. True love will come later.

Letter: Warm message. Love-letter. Message, having to do with love.

Man: Man falling in love. Generous guy. Married guy.

Woman: Falling in love. Loving female. Friendly. Gently. Married woman.

Lily: Mature love. Love and paasion come collectively. Harmonic love.

Sun: Warmth. Happy love. Being over the moon.

Moon: Beautiful night. Deep love. Uncertainty in subjects of love.

Key: Reliable partner. Safe, at ease love.

Fish: Love for cash. Love because of cloth matters. Love of cash.

Anchor: Professional assist. Love is rooted in the soil. Long-status courting.

Cross: Heartache. Karmic love. Blessed love. Painful love.





Connection. Partnership. Marriage. Contracts. Agreements. Someone or some thing movements in circles. Cyclic. Representation. As nicely: Liabilities. Steadiness. Duty. Security. Repetition.


Stabilize your connections. A robust bond among  people. As nicely: Staying together out of duty for the sake of love. Establish a basis before you move on.


Inspire others together with your thoughts. Make connections. Don’t gamble with some thing. As nicely: If a cycle isn’t interrupted, it could preserve all the time. Change the pattern and an event will occur.



Ring in aggregate with …

Rider: Progress in relationship. New commercial enterprise or romantic companion. Thinking approximately courting. Marriage thought.

Clover: Upward spiral of good fortune. Lucky in love. Relationship will come soon.

Ship: Contract about the purchase of a boat. Longing for partnership. Grief and exhilaration in dating.

House: Homeland. House purchase. Rental settlement. Extraordinary liability.

Tree: Persistent settlement. Lifelong bond. A dating develops.

Clouds: Suspicious agreement. Severe crisis.

Snake: Difficult agreement. Contract with a lady. Relationship with a female aside from one’s accomplice. Interrupted dating. Contract thru diplomacy.

Coffin: Contract is terminated. End of dating. Lovesickness. Contract abroad.

Bouquet: Growing dating. Happy agreement. Engagement.

Scythe: Contract is terminated suddenly. Divorce. Sudden courting.

Whip: Changes in partnership. Troubled courting.

Oriole: Grief and excitement in dating. Several partners.

Child: Close relationship to a baby. New dating. New contract.

Fox: Dishonest agreement. False contract. False connection.

Bear: Long-status friendship / courting. Financial agreement.

Stars: Fulfilled connection. Deep emotional connection. Relationship goals.

Stork: Multiple relationships. Several contracts. Changes in a relationship. Contract changes.

Dog: Loyalty in love. Lifelong courting.

Tower: Divorce. Contract is cancelled. Contract overseas.

Park: Marriage. Public approval.

Mountain: Distance in courting. Connection is confined. Problem with a agreement.

Way: Shared journey. Separation. Several contracts.

Mice: End of a courting. Contract agreement breaks.

Heart: Loving courting. Marriage. Labor union.

Book: Secret society. Secret dating. Vow.

Letter: Love-letter. Written agreement. Superficial relationship. News approximately a agreement.

Man: Main man or woman is bound. Husband. Fiance. Partner. Married man.

Woman: Fiancee. Main character could have a serious courting or agreement. Married female.

Lily: Harmonic circle of relatives. Sexual relationship. Affair with another man.

Sun: Good partnership. Deriving strength from a relationship. Beneficial connection.

Moon: Strong appeal. Emotional connection.

Key: A agreement is signed. Marriage you may depend upon to one hundred%. Overcoming uncertainty in dating.

Fish: Solid courting. Relationship with a wealthy man or woman.

Anchor: Concatenation. Very robust lengthy-term agreement. Interdependence. Cann’t allow move.

Cross: Painful courting. Contract is terminated.





Secret. Secrecy. The unknown. Education. As properly: The subconscious. Secret know-how. Transcendence.


Be discreet. Run away with a person. Keep some thing quiet. As nicely: Hide an affair. Fraud. Something is not reputable yet.


Safety test. Something precise to know. Beware of a person having affect. Wait a bit longer. As well: Share your knowledge. Get to realize the hidden aspects of your partner. Fool the general public. Beware of fraud.



Book in mixture with …

Rider: Unexpected traveler. Message famous a secret. Good messages are behind schedule.

Clover: Unexpected breakthrough. It’s no longer the proper time to have a laugh but.

Ship: Entrusting a secret to a person. Secret adventure. International research.

House: Mysterious residence. Unfamiliar residence.

Tree: Gardener. Medical studies. Keeping a lifelong secret.

Clouds: Better to talk approximately secrets. Confusing facts.

Snake: A woman you don’t know yet. Misinformation. Lies. Wisdom. Mysterious girl.

Coffin: A key is discovered. Studies come to an end. Unknown disorder.

Bouquet: Successful studies. Surprise. Woman with a mystery.

Scythe: A key is found out. Learning  that some thing became hid. Unexpected information.

Whip: Discussion approximately a mystery. Exam. Something hard to cover.

Oriole: Keeping a secret weighs on one’s mind. Foreign languages.

Child: Concealed child. Small secrets. A new starting is not underneath consideration.

Fox: Useful facts. Fraud is stored mystery. Wrong files.

Bear: A guy you don’t know but. Business research.

Stars: Astrology. Cartomancy.

Stork: Study alternate. Changes are taking area in secret.

Dog: A Brother is keeping some thing. Dog instructor. Friend with a mystery. Mysterious friendship.

Tower: Separation is not up for debate. Study of law. Political technological know-how. Professor.

Park: Writing workshop. Published ebook. Readings through an author. Hiding pals from other pals.

Mountain: Studies not on time. Geological studies. Difficulties getting statistics. Secrecy ends in frustration.

Way: Decision approximately studies. No selection has but been made.

Mice: Learning a secret. Failed examinations.

Heart: Love grows darkish. Secret admirer. Love has to hold secret.

Ring: Secret agreement. Secret society.

Letter: Private correspondence. Secret message. Secret comes to light.

Man: Man is defensive his reputation. Intelligent man. Shy guy.

Woman: Cautious. Educated girl. Woman with a secret.

Lily: A secret with the intention to be discovered. Secret affair. Unknown man.

Sun: It may additionally take time to get electricity lower back. Successful research. High intelligence.

Moon: Creative writers. Successful e-book. Psychologist. Psychiatrist.

Key: Successfully maintaining a secret. A secret is discovered.

Fish: Hidden cash. Unexpected cash. Secret reserves.

Anchor: Secrecy at your place of work. Long-time period research. Obligation to secrecy.

Cross: Study of Religion. Destiny is to be a creator. Secret is a burden.





Call. E-mail. Superficiality. As properly: News. Rebound. A blockage. Something is on its manner. Stagnation. Frustration.


Love letter. Letter about friendship. Receiving a positive message. As properly: Non-binding. Waiting for very non-public message.


Be more thorough. E-mails. Answering payments and professional correspondence. Finding the proverbial hair inside the soup. As nicely: Watch all messages carefully today. Don’t be too superficial. Focus greater on concentration. Don’t permit yourself get distracted.



Letter in mixture with …

Rider: Good data. Message that makes you satisfied.

Clover: Lottery price tag. Message quickly. Very precise message.

Ship: Waiting for a message. Letter from abroad.

House: Messages approximately a residence. House in which you don’t live lengthy.

Tree: Recipe. Sick depart.

Clouds: Uncertain final results. Scary message. Confusing records. Annulment.

Snake: Message ends in difficulties. Bad news. Hoax. Messages approximately a woman.

Coffin: Shredding or in any other case removing files. Good health-related message.

Bouquet: Message from a girl. Gift. Good information. Invitation.

Scythe: Message brings quick selection. Sudden touch. Legal court cases. No message.

Whip: Message leads to dispute. Two messages. Gossip.

Oriole: Multiple messages. Annoying messagess. Message brings sorrow.

Child: SMS or chat. Short letter. Message approximately a infant.

Fox: Untrusted message. Honest message. Letter at work.

Bear: Message from lawyer. Official letter. Message from a pleasant guy.

Stars: Positive message. E-mail. Letter brings readability.

Stork: One learns something that changes the entirety. Update about some thing.

Dog: Superficial friendship. News about a chum. Pen friend. Friendly communication.

Tower: Letter from an expert. Legal record.

Park: Invitation for a big occasion. Announcement.

Mountain: Retained facts. Delayed message. No message. No contact. Message stops something.

Way: Message approximately a choice. Several messages. Decision might be overturned.

Mice: Stressful message. No message.

Heart: Internet courting. Loving conversations. Love letter.

Ring: Regular touch. Marriage agreement. Contract documents.

Book: Man learns a secret. Notebooks. Documents. Contracts.

Man: Superficial essential man or woman. Talkative character. Curious person.

Woman: Main character gets a message. Message about a lady. Curious principal individual.

Lily: Invitation for sexual adventure. Loose circle of relatives ties.

Sun: Ray of hope. Great information. Succesful touch.

Moon: Love letter. Good news. Something receives at the nerves.

Key: Message will simply arrive. Redemptive message brings security. A letter arrives. Important message.

Fish: Money switch within the mail. Short-time period sales.

Anchor: Employment settlement. Working papers. Work-associated message.

Cross: Fateful message. Painful message.





Questioner himself, or King of Hearts / husband / partner while the character looking for recommendation is a female. If there is a husband and a lover, then this card represents the lover. In this example husband / boyfriend would be the Bear. As properly: House. Seat of the soul.


Well developed male characteristics and developments. If you’re a woman: Listen greater on your partner’s opinion. Show him that he is vital. As properly: Competing with partners. Happiness in love is puzzled.


Use your combating competencies. Go to the foreground. Make selections. As properly: Don’t pressure your accomplice if they are weak. Don’t concentrate to what others say. Winning recognition.



Man in aggregate with …

Rider: Alert man. Woman or guy comes closer to you. Active man.

Clover: Having luck at the vital moment. Man seizes an possibility. Lucky guy. Cheerful.

Ship: Main character is longing for something or a person. Waiting.

House: Landlord. Family guy. Estate agent.

Tree: Needing medicinal drug. Partner for existence. Sick guy.

Clouds: Scared. Quick to trade. Confused.

Snake: Seductive man. Getting in touch with a woman. Dishonest man. Man with two girls.

Coffin: Depressive person. Sick guy. In the near destiny something will pass incorrect.

Bouquet: Flirting. Luck. This guy isn’t always yours alone. Charming. Attractive.

Scythe: Warning. Aggressive man. To be threatened. Decisiveness. Quick to anger.

Whip: Man who receives into trouble. Sexuality. Physical abuse.

Oriole: Main character receives into a mess. Talkative guy.

Child: Main character has new beginning. Immature. Acting like a teenager. Man with a baby.

Fox: Honest and discreet. Smart. Sly.

Bear: Strength. Powerful, rich, and benevolent man. Protection. A guy and his father or grandfather.

Stars: Daydreamer. Clairvoyant. Main individual will advantage brief readability.

Stork: Man causes alternate. Flexible man. Main individual has a trade beforehand of them.

Dog: Loyal guy. A guy you know. Friends and comrades.

Tower: Lonely guy. Officials. Main individual has a divorce ahead of them.

Park: Outgoing. Socially committed guy. Extroverted guy.

Mountain: Main character is dominant. Loner. Closed-off guy.

Way: Resolute. Man contemplating a choice. A man is going his personal manner.

Mice: Bankruptcy. Losing yourself. Giving up hobbies.

Heart: Romance. Loving man. Enamored guy.

Ring: Married man. Committed. Promised to each other.

Book: Man you do not know. Introvert. Main character hides their personality. Mysterious. Intelligent.

Letter: Journalist. Superficial however outgoing guy. Message from a man. Weak connection.

Woman: The two important characters are very near every different. Connections. A couple.

Lily: Mature man. Attractive guy. Patient. Powerful charisma.

Sun: Optimistic. Man with robust appeal. Main individual will have a happy experience.

Moon: Soul mate. Sensitive man. Creative.

Key: Main individual feels safe. Reliable. Successful. Security through a man.

Fish: Prosperity. Businessman. Man who loves money. Calculating.

Anchor: Man turns into based. Reliable. Stable. Hardworking guy.

Cross: Burdened. Religious. Sorrows passing by way of. Fate.





Yourself, or Queen of Hearts / spouse / associate while the character looking for recommendation is male. If there may be a wife and a lover, then this card represents the sweetheart. In this example spouse / girlfriend will be the Snake. As properly: End of a cycle. New starting by way of transformation.


Well-advanced lady traits. As properly: Illuminate assets of tension. Happiness in love is puzzled.


Your very own needs ought to take precedence. Make your personal choices. As well: Win reputation. If you are a guy: Listen more on your accomplice’s opinion. Show her how important she is.



Woman in mixture with …

Rider: Moving ahead. Woman will obtain exact message. Woman or guy comes toward you. Woman meets younger man.

Clover: Woman, joyful and funny. Woman seizes an opportunity. Bright female.

Ship: Woman on a journey. Woman is longing for something or a person. Waiting.

House: Stability. Estate agent. Housewife.

Tree: Woman running in medical subject. Main person prone to inertia. Spiritual girl. Quiet and stable lady.

Clouds: Unstable. Confused. Anxious lady.

Snake: Seductive lady. Annoying lady. Wise.

Coffin: Religious lady. Sick female.

Bouquet: Attractive. Loving friend. Charismatic.

Scythe: Quick-appearing. Aggressive lady. Someone has a surprising beyond. Resolute girl.

Whip: Opinionated. Unteachable. Hostile or competitive.

Oriole: Nervous and nerve-racking lady. Two women. Talkative. Open-minded.

Child: Immature. Woman with child. Naive female.

Fox: Business-minded. Honest. Sly. Foxy.

Bear: Woman and her father or grandfather. Get in touch with every other man. Protective. Encroaching. Powerful, rich, and benevolent woman.

Stars: Dreamer. Supernatural. Clarity. Sensitive.

Stork: Woman brings modifications. Flexible. Woman stories exchange.

Dog: Friendly female. Woman with a friend. Woman you realize. Loyal girl. Friendly courting with a man.

Tower: Lonely lady. Main man or woman has a past regarding separation. Woman isolates herself.

Park: Outgoing. Extroverted lady. Socially dedicated girl. A lady in the cognizance of public.

Mountain: Stubborn female. Closed-off and tough girl.

Way: Resolute female. Woman avoids a decision. Woman makes a selection.

Mice: Broken, dishonest interests. Woman disappointed with herself. Nervous.

Heart: Newly in love. Romance. Enamored lady.

Ring: Married. Recurrent. Feeling trapped.

Book: Educated. Mysterious. Keeping a secret. Hiding true persona. Introvert.

Letter: Journalist. Message from a female. Superficial but sociable.

Man: Main characters don’t have plenty to say to every different but.

Lily: Flirt. Woman with sexual pastimes. Love, concord, and peace.

Sun: Optimistic. Strong attraction. A pleasant time.

Moon: Emotional. Soulmate. Emotional female.

Key: Wealthy, dependable, and materialistic girl.

Fish: Prosperity. Businesswoman. Sensitive woman.

Anchor: Main man or woman has a tendency to depend upon others, represented through the neighboring cards. Reliable. Stable.

Cross: Sorrows will bypass by way of. Religious. Burdened. An object has been met.





Harmony. Family. Intimacy. As nicely: Peace. Consistency. Old age.


Mature. Experience. Sexual urge for food. Keeping the peace. As well: Sexual deviation. Someone who likes younger partners. Harmonic partnership. Don’t take love with no consideration.


Don’t motive a stir. Clear the air. As properly: Be careful now not to magnify. Letting some thing relaxation in peace.



Lily in mixture with …

Rider: Sexually lively young man. Good message from a lover. News convey peace.

Clover: Sexual happiness. Good instances. Good intercourse. Happy circle of relatives.

Ship: Relaxing trip. Longing for intercourse. Winter adventure.

House: Family-owned residence. An antique residence.

Tree: Long, harmonious life. Age-related fitness troubles. Clairvoyance .

Clouds: Unclear circle of relatives relationships. Discontent. Uncertainty. Threat to own family peace. Problem with the own family.

Snake: Spitefulness. Sexual companions. Sexual journey with a girl.

Coffin: Family-associated troubles. No sex lifestyles. Forgetfulness .

Bouquet: Family birthday party. Young woman. Sexual courting with a girl.

Scythe: Sudden peace offer. Unexpected cease of harmony.

Whip: Persistent dispute. Old conflicts. Dispute inside family.

Oriole: Long conversations. Sorrow due to sexual revel in. Two sexual relationships.

Child: Grandfather and grandson. The oldest toddler. Naivety in sexual encounters.

Fox: Little white lies to maintain peace. Affair. Sneaking round.

Bear: Head of the own family. Man who wants a sexual dating.

Stars: Reward for existence’s work. Sexual courting with deep emotional ties. Good sex. Spiritual teacher.

Stork: Pregnancy. Changes take vicinity. Changes within family.

Dog: Lifetime friendship. Family friendship. Sexual contact with a chum.

Tower: Separation from family. Government officers. Limited intercourse.

Park: Family reunion. Brothel. Sex in public. Open minded.

Mountain: Standstill. No intercourse lifestyles. No circle of relatives life.

Way: Family-associated choice. Choice between options.

Mice: Sexual abstinence. Sexually-transmitted ailment. Leaving family behind. Bad sex.

Heart: Loving own family. Passionate love. Mature love.

Ring: A guy reaches an agreement. Late marriage. Harmonious dating.

Book: Educated and noble man. Secret affair. Unfamiliar guy. Old books.

Letter: Superficial sexual relationship. Old letters. Woman receives a message.

Man: Main man or woman is addicted to peace and harmony. Mature guy. Mentor. Grandfather.

Woman: Mother. Main individual is waiting for harmonious instances. Grandmother.

Sun: Blissful sexuality. Good sexual enjoy. Family brings energy.

Moon: Harmonious emotions. Sexual come upon. Strenuous circle of relatives.

Key: Family brings truth. Peace. Important man.

Fish: Soulful intercourse. Old cash. Emotional connections.

Anchor: Peace and quiet. Things stay the identical. Harmonious working atmosphere.

Cross: Bad sex. Peaceful instances will pass via. Karmic own family.





Health. Warmth. Creativity. Vitality. As well: Engagement ring. Endless wonders. Positive influence.


Someone can deliver quite a few love. Good care. Luck. Generosity. As properly: Not being cared about sufficient. Lack of empathy. Dreams are fulfilled.


Caring for health. Enjoy the coolest times. Overcoming limitations with complete force. Take your threat. As nicely: Know your options. Solving conflicts. Finding encouragement, restoration, and hope.



Sun in combination with …

Rider: Good potentialities that some thing will exercise session. Good news. Positive wondering.

Clover: Good timing. Much luck. Luck in gambling. Double success.

Ship: Summer. Success abroad. Holiday experience.

House: Warmth and protection. Dream residence.

Tree: Much strength. Good health. Long-lasting right times.

Clouds: Things are not what they seemed to be. Weakness.

Snake: Finding warm temperature in spite of detours. Successful female.

Coffin: Nobody can stop you. Happy finishing. Possibility of small problem.

Bouquet: Luck and fulfillment. Zest. Fortunate go to.

Scythe: Good effects. Sudden increase. An cease comes quick.

Whip: Competition. Sex. Energetic discussion.

Oriole: Unfounded or irrational issues. Good discussions.

Child: New begin in summer. Joy about a child.

Fox: Appearances are deceptive. Feigned electricity.

Bear: Double pressure and strength. Good time with a man other than your partner. Lucky man.

Stars: Celebrity. Honor. Complete success. Inner peace.

Stork: To achieve a end result. Positive exchange.

Dog: Good buddy. Warm friendship.

Tower: Increased overall performance. In peace lies power.

Park: Nice birthday party. Great event. High society.

Mountain: Blocked energy. Outbreak. Joy can’t be expressed.

Way: Courage to make unconventional choices. Broadening horizons. Pleasant stroll.

Mice: Energy loss. No fulfillment in the meanwhile. Power failure.

Heart: Strong heart. Being on top of the sector. Passion.

Ring: Successful agreement. Forceful dating. Power deliver.

Book: Successful studies. Spiritual ebook.

Letter: Ceremony. Good news.

Man: Success. Charisma. Main person brings strength and joy.

Woman: Leaving oneself behind. High electricity.

Lily: Sexual pleasure. Success later in lifestyles. Happy circle of relatives. Positive air of mystery.

Moon: Beautiful romance. Daydreaming. Receiving some thing.

Key: To take to something like a duck to water. Certain fulfillment.

Fish: A lot of cash. Financial increase. Wealth. Emotinal excessive.

Anchor: Strong connection. Goal finished.

Cross: Decreasing power. Luck and electricity. Luck is passing with the aid of.





Mirror of the soul. Emotional wishes. Intuition. Fame and honor or social popularity. As properly: Requited love and emotions of admiration. Conflicting feelings. Satisfaction.


Romantic fantasies. Daydreaming approximately love. As nicely: You can’t handle too much closeness. Relationship with deep feelings.


Take things easy for a while. Step lower back. Pay extra attention to feelings of others and your very own feelings. Night shift. As nicely: Look after your nerves. Don’t paintings too difficult.



Moon in mixture with …

Rider: Contemplation is coming to an give up. Romance with a brand new lover. Curious traveller. Night cruise.

Clover: Luck. Thinking helps to attain a goal. You’ll locate the answer inside your self.

Ship: Honeymoon. Deep, unfulfilled desires. Meditation.

House: Thinking about a residence.

Tree: Being occupied through mind. Emotional health.

Clouds: Anxious nation. Deep unhappiness. Uncertain fame.

Snake: Recognition is available in a roundabout manner. Creative lady. Annoyed woman.

Coffin: Lack of creativity. Thinking does not cause effects. Sadness.

Bouquet: Luck. Emotional boom.

Scythe: Sudden problems. Separation. Sudden mood swings.

Whip: Dispute that drains someone in a few manner. Dispute regarding creativity. Conflict approximately achievement.

Oriole: Worried mind. Successful name.

Child: Creative toddler. Fertility. Naive attitude.

Fox: Resorting to denial. Successful job. Unnecessary brooding.

Bear: Being familiar with boss. Mental stability. Thinking approximately any other guy.

Stars: Wise moves. Night sky. Being within the realize. Clairvoyance.

Stork: Tensed nerves. Personality exchange.

Dog: Recognizing a friendship. Emotional guide.

Tower: Loneliness that brings disappointment. Thinking about separation. Tribute to the government.

Park: Popularity. Nightlife. Meeting at night time. Public recognition.

Mountain: Being pissed off and irritated. Lonely. Lack of creativity.

Way: Decision under strain. Emotional selection. Decision isn’t lightly.

Mice: Losing one’s nerve. Drug dependancy. Insomnia.

Heart: Beautiful night time. Deep love. Sincere feelings.

Ring: Committed dating. Creative settlement. Marriage. Important bond.

Book: Non-fiction. Secret admiration. Night college.

Letter: Irritating message. Love letter. Acceptance. Nocturnal touch.

Man: Soulful man. Main character receives worried.

Woman: Intuitive woman. Main individual receives nervous.

Lily: Fulfilled sexual relationship. Affair with a mature man.

Sun: Big achievement. Emotional stability.

Key: Self-self assurance. Success is assured.

Fish: Deep emotional connection. Thoughts about money. Creative corporation.

Anchor: Emotional balance. Prolonged fulfillment. Bothered at paintings.

Cross: The anxiety can be eased. Emotional burden.





Something will take place no matter what. Key to success. Fulfillment. Something stays closed. As well: Solution is within reach. Taxes. Budgeting. Financial making plans. Something to unencumber or entire.


Karmic connection. Someone remains closed-off. Secure relationship. Nothing can pass wrong. As well: Just wait to peer who desires to meet you inside the near destiny. Stable courting.


Before you make a decision, cautiously take a look at what is crucial. Move forward. As properly: Open your self inside the regions of your dating that need more interest. Develop a plan B.



Key in mixture with …

Rider: Guaranteed fulfillment. Important visitor. Important and precise message.

Clover: Something is going over well. Good times. Relating to each other.

Ship: Life clearly begins. Successful journey.

House: Key for a house. Important circle of relatives. Project has suitable foundation.

Tree: Mastering life. Spiritual matters to watch. Life runs in constant frame.

Clouds: Can’t avoid some thing. Necessary clarity.

Snake: Act wisely. New troubles emerge. Danger.

Coffin: Unhealthy state of affairs. Disease.

Bouquet: Pure pleasure. Good times. Get fortunate. Invitation comes.

Scythe: Attack. Be cautious. Important decision.

Whip: Advice gives safety. Dispute that cannot be avoided. Clear conversations. Getting advice.

Oriole: Important call. Long dialogue will display the proper manner.

Child: Need for brand new beginnings. Spiritual toddler. Security thru child.

Fox: Achieving desires through fraud. Important challenge. Failure.

Bear: A man brings security. Financial earnings.

Stars: Important expertise. Matters get defined.

Stork: Significant change. Necessary trade.

Dog: Important friend. Necessary support. Friend thru thick and thin.

Tower: Certain separation. Separation results in greater safety.

Park: Acquaintances convey security. Network.

Mountain: Spiritual retreat. Necessary postpone. Definite blockage.

Way: Reversal is necessary. Decision gives safety. Decisions ought to be made.

Mice: Something will sincerely be misplaced. Be vigilant. Uncertainty.

Heart: Meaningful hobby in romance. Express your love. Love comes for positive.

Ring: Relationship brings safety. Stay to your route. Certain contract.

Book: Knowledge offers safety. Secret isn’t found out.

Letter: Expected message comes for sure. Required messages.

Man: Steady guy. Significant guy. Man you can depend upon.

Woman: Unavoidable matters will happen. Secure lady. If you are a single man, the following lady can be Mrs. Right.

Lily: Family will reunite.

Sun: Strong instinct. Guaranteed fulfillment. Happy ending.

Moon: Dreams of what’s going to come. Success.

Fish: Being attentive. Secure earnings. Money offers safety.

Anchor: Steady job. Reaching goals. Recognition at work.

Cross: Fate. Karmic dedication.





Finances. Subconscious forces. Mental balance. Drug addiction. As nicely: A mature man. Restless and nervous. Deep emotions. Influenced by way of money.


Relationship with a soul mate. Lucrative connection. As nicely: Avoid emotional outbursts. Love of possessions. Listen to your inner voice.


Check your financial affairs; you can have disregarded some thing. Alcohol carefully is important. As well: Entrepreneurship. Follow your intuition. Good earning ability.



Fish in mixture with …

Rider: Postman brings cash. Financial development.

Clover: Luck with cash. Profit.

Ship: Greed. Making money. Fishing journey.

House: Wealthy own family. Work around home. Expensive house.

Tree: Steady and cozy income. Good enterprise. Old money.

Clouds: Feeling sick. Financial uncertainty. Drug dependancy.

Snake: Financial concerns. Wealthy female. Financial uncertainties disappear.

Coffin: Unproductive capital. Hangover. Financial losses.

Bouquet: Money gift. Heritage. Alcoholic.

Scythe: Dismissal. Unexpected money.

Whip: Conflict approximately money. Conflicted soul.

Oriole: Money concerns. Discussions about money.

Child: Little money. Poverty.

Fox: Cooking the books. Corporate fraud. Fraud in monetary affairs.

Bear: Nice, rich guy. A lot of money. Alcoholic.

Stars: Clarifying financial matters. Creative commercial enterprise.

Stork: Financial change. Expansion. New clients.

Dog: Soul mate. Wealthy social circle. Wealthy pal.

Tower: Savings. Reserves. A secure deposit box. Bank.

Park: Fundraising. Prosperous social circle.

Mountain: Limited money. Financial issues.

Way: Emotional choice. Financial choice.

Mice: Financial problems. Faced with financial break. Debts.

Heart: Important courting. Love for cash. Great love. Platonic love.

Ring: Relationship for cash. Marriage of comfort.

Book: Unknown supply of profits. Tax workplace. Money from abroad.

Letter: Payment. Superficial feelings. Savings certificates.

Man: Prosperity. Businessman. Wealthy foremost individual. Problems with alcohol.

Woman: Materialistic female. Woman who designs something. Problems with alcohol.

Lily: Money through inheritance. Wealthy own family. Established employer.

Sun: Emotional excessive. Financial achievement. Money brings happiness.

Moon: Business dreams come proper. Financial reputation.

Key: Concerns about financial protection. Financial fulfillment.

Anchor: High earnings. Long-time period earnings. Working independently.

Cross: Mental pressure will lower. Financial burden.




Keep keep of

Work. Profession. Good commercial enterprise. As properly: What is going round comes round. Addictions.


An open courting in that you are loose to live or move. Being the proverbial anchor in relationships. As properly: Learn to allow it go. Loyalty in love. Beware of being too dependent.


Seasonal work. Your efforts will undergo fruit. Put your career pastimes first. As well: Let move of rigid idea patterns. Engage your self.



Anchor in mixture with …

Rider: There is someone new. News at work. Good messages. New opportunity at paintings.

Clover: Joy at work. Lucrative process.

Ship: Long go back and forth. Long journey. Professional blunder.

House: Home workplace. Place to stay for some time.

Tree: Release as a stay topic. Long and healthful life. Working within the fitness area. Right job. Boring task.

Clouds: Unclear working situation. Job uncertainty. Unbearable running conditions.

Snake: Caution. Problem. Female employees.

Coffin: Unhappy at job. Working within the health quarter.

Bouquet: Enjoying work. Job well accomplished. Nice colleagues.

Scythe: Dangerous job. Sudden process offer.

Whip: Several jobs. Prolonged conflicts. Dispute at paintings.

Oriole: Tedious discussions. Lifetime partnership. Excitement at work.

Child: Small enterprise. New activity. Working with kids.

Fox: Bogged down in lies. Long-time period paintings. Goals done with cunning.

Bear: Stable earnings. Good boss.

Stars: Job-related selection is ultimately made clean. Big overall performance.

Stork: Temporary work. Career trade. Frequently-changing obligations.

Dog: Stable friendship. Loyalty to employer.

Tower: Employment trade. Old agencies. Authorities. Self-employment.

Park: Working with humans. Big agency. Working in the public zone. Hospital.

Mountain: Standstill. Difficult boss. Big hurdles.

Way: Career choice. Work-associated choices. Setting new desires. Roadworks.

Mice: Unemployment. Termination of employment. Stuck.

Heart: Love to work. Long-time period romantic courting. Turning the interest right into a profession.

Ring: Bond, that is hard to resolve. Long-time period relationships. Job agreement.

Book: Detective corporation. Work-related research. Business mystery. Continuing professional training.

Letter: Communicative process sports. Working with documents. Office work.

Man: Loyal. Stable. Hardworking. Heart is about on something and cannot get away it.

Woman: Determination. Reliability. Heart is ready on some thing and cannot get away it.

Lily: Harmonious running surroundings. Satisfaction.

Sun: Safely attaining a intention. Creative task.

Moon: Famous paintings. Work at night time. Therapist.

Key: Safe place of work. Safely achieving a intention. Steady process.

Fish: Prosperity. Drug addiction. Pastor.

Cross: Reduction of responsibilities. Long-term burden. Occupation is willpower.





Burden. Karma. Salvation. Something is unavoidable. Key occasion. As well: Taking initiative. Taking responsibility. Educate your self.


Partner for existence. Being there for each different. As nicely: Silent suffering. Unrequited love. Partnership is placed to the test.


Sacrifice yourself for the commonplace exact. Religious attitudes. Action. As nicely: Accept upcoming obligations. Listen to well-which means advice. Doing matters carefully.



Cross in combination with …

Rider: Certain tourist. Help is coming. Very proper messages.

Clover: Big success. Hope. Happy lifestyles.

Ship: Fateful journey. Longing passes through.

House: House dears in your heart. Church. Synagogue. Mosque. Time at this location has expired.

Tree: Extreme boredom. Looking after fitness. Healing.

Clouds: Look for help dealing with chaos. Guilt.

Snake: Burdened female. Difficulties boom.

Coffin: Spiritual transformation. Something dies inside of you. Karmic sickness.

Bouquet: Lucky in existence. Relief.

Scythe: Danger techniques. Sudden ache. A fundamental task will be overcome.

Whip: Unavoidable conflicts. Abuse. Increasing problems. Fateful communique.

Oriole: Worries arise loads. Difficult discussions.

Child: Painful delivery. New beginning.

Fox: Tendency in the direction of justice. Difficult challenge.

Bear: Financial burden. A guy other than your accomplice will play an important function for your life. Powerful allies.

Stars: Fate. Finally finding readability. Everything will remedy quickly.

Stork: Predictable exchange. Improvement. Momentous adjustments. Learning flexibility.

Dog: Patience is on the give up. Help from a pal. Karmic friendship.

Tower: Legal burden. Conflict with the government. Separation.

Park: Cemetery. Increasing contact with others. Support device.

Mountain: Loneliness. Difficulties increase.

Way: Painful farewell. Fateful decision.

Mice: Small loss will become more critical. Learning your lesson. Collapse.

Heart: Predetermined love. Heartache. Love is growing. Karmic love.

Ring: Remorse. Important courting. Difficult responsibility. Connection-associated conflict cannot be solved.

Book: Increasingly secretive. Religious files. Painfully maintaining a mystery. Fated mystery. Destiny is to be a creator.

Letter: Fateful message. Difficult messages.

Man: Important religious man. Soulmate. Feels punished by means of lifestyles.

Woman: Taking correct care of your self. Soulmate. Spiritual woman.

Lily: Pain related to age. Harmonic ecosystem. Family will become more important.

Sun: Relief. Predictable achievement. Everything will prevail. Long life with plenty of energy and happiness.

Moon: Fateful know-how. Self-sacrifice. Spare your nerves.

Key: Karmic dedication.

Fish: Religious business. Financial burden. Charity. Karmic dating.

Anchor: Fateful paintings. Regret. Challenging paintings.