Cartomancy vs. Petit Lenormand Card Meanings

Cartomancy – Lenormand (Traditional) – Lenormand (Love/Family) – Lenormand (Modern)


01 – Rider (9♥)

The Wish Card; success, victory, understanding a dream.

Important Messages

Positive: someone new enters your lifestyles / catches your eye; information from afar

Negative: Lack of commitment; bad information; reacts rather than thinking things via

Positive: A shipping, registered mail. Quick to react; global postal service

Negative: terrible attention to element; many tasks on the cross, and might’t finish what they start


02 – Clover (6♦)

Credit; Loans; Investments; a small amount of cash; protecting things in; shy, worried or withdrawn (something impedes growth).

Luck / Creativity

Positive: a danger meeting, surprising flirting/visitor; glad moments with buddies; innovative; fortunate

Negative: one night stands; falling in love and out of love fast; loss of creativity; down on your good fortune

Positive: Creativity, brainstorming, a small merchandising, or recognition for paintings accomplished

Negative: Lack of creativity; bad planning; now not being recognized; passed over for a promotion


03 – Ship (10♠)

Theft (physical, emotional); Being taken advantage of; Fears and Worries; Night time.

Travel; Start of a New Ventures

lengthy distance dating, leaving love or someone in the back of; a person from some distance away (some other state, near the ocean)

the begin of business enterprise, placing your eggs in one basket; journey for commercial enterprise or satisfaction


04 – House (K♥)

A father determine, a husband; a man this is loved; a man that cares approximately the individual being examine; or of importance to that individual.

Home, Where someone feels the most cozy

Familiar, heat, comforting, and comfortable


05 – Tree (7♥)

Peace and contentment; Reflection; being earlier than god; at the altar; repetition; non violent environment

Health, Roots

Positive: a strong karmic relationship; true fitness;

Negative: karmic troubles stunting personal evolution; horrific fitness; terrible habits


06 – Clouds (K♣)

A mature (typically married) guy with brown hair; usually properly commercial enterprise feel

Confusion; Sadness; Depression

Confusion; Sadness; Depression

Confusion; Sadness; Depression


07 – Snake (Q♣)

A woman with brown hair; a person that likes being lively; precise judgement; likes being concerned

Selfish / Calculating Enemy

Positive: a person that loves to seduce others; is going for what they need

Negative: a person that is egocentric, thinks of only themselves; an enemy.


08 – Coffin (nine♦)

Financial Growth; Profit; Someone is counting on you to succeed; a public servant

Death and Transformation

The natural quit of a relationship

Sickness, need of rest; visit to a health center


09 – Bouquet (Q♠)

A dark-haired female; a divorced woman; a female that takes charge

Happiness; Beauty

Joyful moments spent laughing and in suitable cheer.

Gifts; a Surprise; small attentions that make you feel desirable.


10 – Scythe (J♦)

A younger character (male or female) with dirty blond hair. Restless and anxious strength; hyperactive; Intelligent and brief of wit. Touched with the aid of cash.

Cutting; Swift Repercussions; Danger; Accidents

The surprising cease of some thing. Look on the cards surrounding the scythe to peer what is affected.

The unexpected give up of some thing. Look on the cards surrounding the scythe to peer what’s affected.

Sometimes surgical procedure.


11 – Whip (J♣)

A younger individual (male/lady) with brown hair. Person that likes sports and staying busy

Self-punishment; Anger; Conflict

Positive: Sports; Exercise; steamy sexual encounters; S&M function-playing; difficult amusing.

Negative: Self-punishment; Degrading acts; lovers’ quarrel

Positive: Negotiations; clearing the air; addressing troubles as they crop up…

Negative: Self-punishment; Beating yourself up; Anger; Arguments with co-workers.


12 – Birds (7♦)

Talents; Psychic; Good money experience; a large increase; a significant amount of money

Verbal Communication; Small issues / misunderstandings to triumph over; comings and goings.

An antique couple; troubles knowledge every other

Text messaging; a succession of short meetings or messages; communique.


13 – Child (J♠)

Young individual with dark hair; someone that likes taking charge; an officer of the regulation

Children; Something New

Positive: Childhood friends; a new beginning; children.

Negative: Immaturity; failing to plot thoroughly


14 – Fox (nine♣)

Promotion; New obligations at paintings; Fate pushing you into the proper path; Distance

Not following laws or expectancies; doing the sudden; deception

Positive: Doing what’s wanted to take care of circle of relatives

Negative: Deceit; outright lies; loss of accept as true with or respect.

Positive: Hard work; being sly and cunning.

Negative: Resorting to illegal activities to get in advance;


15 – Bear (10♣)

Making development with paintings; plowing ahead in the direction of fulfillment; accomplishing a deal; tour near water.

A protector; A Mother determine; Strength

Positive: a mother determine, a protector; a no-nonsense kind of person

Negative: overbearing; intimidating; competitive behaviour

Positive: A train, a bodily instructor; soccer gamers; frame constructing; being assertive.

Negative: Overbearing boss; overworked; competitive; bullying.


16 –Stars (6♥)

Attraction; a karmic dating; a brother or male friend; a love affair

Destiny; Fate; Fame

Star-crossed Lovers; dreaming or pining over a person; he loves me; he loves me no longer….

A promoting; reputation; tenting; hiking; the excellent outdoors.


17 – Stork (Q♥)

Mother parent; a female this is loved; the character being study for if studying a female.

Change; Pregnancy

This card is always approximately trade. Look at the encompassing cards to get an concept of what it is affecting.

This card is constantly approximately trade. Look at the encompassing playing cards to get an idea of what it is affecting.


18 – Dog (10♥)

Building lasting Foundations (with a person, by your self); Grounding Yourself; Returning to Nature

Loyalty; Trust; Dependable; Friends

A superb and constant friend; someone you already know well and consider.

Someone who has your exceptional hobby at heart for instance Doctors, Financial Advisors; Accountants… have a look at the surrounding playing cards to get greater information.


19 – Tower (6♠)

Letting move; cleansing to creating room; out with the vintage, in with the brand new; divorce

Looking out; Protection; Solitary; confinement (jail)

Positive: Actively searching out love; searching out relationships.

Negative: Loneliness and seclusion.

Corporations; Government entities; Public Offices; Organizations; Airports; High rises; Also self-reliance; independence; ahead making plans; seeking out opportunities.


20 – Garden (eight♠)

Health Professionals; Rest; Sunday;

Circles of Friends, Acquaintances; Festivities; Gatherings

Circle of pals; spouse and children; family parties.

The workplace; human beings you figure with; networking; online groups (Facebook)


21 – Mountain (8♣)

Business; Work; Looking for Work; Marketing your self

Blockages; Trouble; A nemesis.

Positive: A desire to conquer barriers a good way to discover love or come to an understanding. Ardent choice for a person or some thing (look to look if the sensation is mutual).

Negative: Infatuations that forestalls you from moving on.

Blockage; someone preventing your progress; quandary; something retaining you returned.


22 – Crossroads (Q♦)

A mature girl with grimy blond hair; someone who’s wise and brief of wit. Touched by means of cash.

A Decision

Positive: a shared path; roads crossing; new opportunities.

Negative: Leaving matters behind; taking walks out; trade of heart.

In health readings respiratory passages; nose, throat, lungs. Could additionally relate to circulatory gadget; arteries, and many others.


23 – Mice (7♣)

Hard at paintings; an altercation; Spiritual / Occult Learnings; Studying

Fears; robbery;


Positive: systematically chewing away at a trouble.

Negative: Worries; nervousness; burnouts;


24 – Heart (J♥)

A younger individual; a lover; a person this is cherished. Unmarried or immature.

Love; Passion; Attraction

Positive: A lover; a person who’s loved and cherished.

Negative: An affair, intercourse without commitment; a participant.


25 – Ring (A♣)

A prison record; Military Service; Duty to Country

A criminal document; a agreement; an engagement; an responsibility

Positive: A strong bond among  people

Negative: Staying together due to responsibility instead of for love.


26 – Book (10♦)

A very large amount of money; economic stability; cloth achievement; a psychic

Secrets; Knowledge; Studying

Positive: Being discreet; Eloping; Keeping matters hush-hush.

Negative: Hiding an affair; outright deceit

Positive: Security Clearance; “Need to recognize”; Classified Information; A code of regulation; the Bible

Negative: Censorship; Conspiracies; Deceiving the general public; Propaganda.


27 – Letter (7♠)

A setback; a blockage; something stands in your manner; stagnation; frustration

Written Exchanges

Lover letters; pen pals.

Emails; memos; bills and legitimate correspondence.


28 – Gentleman (A♥)

Home; seat of the Soul

The difficulty if analyzing for a man; a person of importance to a lady being read; a soul mate


29 – Lady (A♠)

Death; The stop of a cycle / New beginnings thru a Transformation

The subject if reading for a girl; a female of importance to a man being study; a soul mate


30 – Lily (K♠)

A darkish-haired man; a divorced man; a choose; a CEO; a person which can take price; suspicious and overly careful.

Age; Wisdom; Law

Positive: mature; antique age; experience; sexual appetite.

Negative: Sexual deviance. Cold hearted; cradle robber.

Judges; Public Office; Lawyers; Politicians;


31 – Sun (A♦)

Money; an essential message or a letter; an engagement ring

Opportunities; Success

Positive: Someone that is affectionate, has masses of affection to give; is fine; being concerned; satisfied; generous.

Negative: Not caring sufficient; loss of empathy; wintry weather of the heart

Positive: Business fulfillment; profits; Lots of opportunities; A market on the upward thrust

Negative: Stunted monetary boom; downwards trending market; shortage of opportunities.


32 – Moon (8♥)

Shared Love / Feelings of Admiration; Sharing feelings; Satisfaction

Reoccurring events; cycles; psychic hobby

Romantic fantasies; having a pipe dream approximately love.

Psychology; Instincts; Repressed reminiscences; taking the spot mild; night time shift


33 – Key (8♦)

Managing Money; Accounting; Taxes; Budgeting; Financial Planning

Potential for fulfillment; factors to essential pitfalls to avoid.

Highlights the regions to your dating that want interest.

Key regions that you want to carefully recollect earlier than shifting forward with a choice.

Business Planning; highlights the want to have a Plan B.


34 – Fish (K♦)

A mature man with grimy blond hair; Restless and apprehensive; sensible and brief of wit; Touched through money.

Money; Profit; Resources

A relationship with a soul mate.

Entrepreneurs; Trade; Commerce


35 – Anchor (nine♠)

Justice; what goes round, comes round. Punishing yourself; violence

A stop; the need to re-examine;

an open-ended courting (not unusual regulation) in which you’re free to move or live.

Seasonal work; Consulting;


36 – Cross (6♣)

Taking the initiative; doing something; taking charge. Seeking more Education; learning; and so on.

Burdens that one have to convey themselves; life lessons.

Suffering in silence. Un requited love.

Sacrificing for the extra exact.

Religious beliefs.