How to Tell Fortunes – No.1 – With Fortune-Telling




Magic Lenormand Cards,

1779 – Johann Kaspar Hechtel – Nuremberg

2019 – Evina Schmidova – London & Prague


The reader taking up the series of easy lessons in fortune-telling which The Evening World begins today will gain the quickest and surest insight into the mysteries of the l seer´s art by studying, first of all, the oracular cards which were used by the famous Mlle. Le Normand, who, it is said, foretold the greatness of Napoleon.


The Person consulting the cards, it must be remembered, is represented by No. 29, if it be a lady; or by No. 28, if a gentleman.

No. 1 – THE CAVALIER, is a messenger of good fortune – if not surrounded by unlucky cards, brings good news, which the Person may expect, either from his own house or from abroad; this will however not take place immediately, but some time later.

No. 2 – A CLOVER LEAF, is also a harbinger of good news; but if surrounded by clouds, it indicates great pain; but if no 2 lies near No. 29 or 28; the pain will be of short duration, and soon change to a happy issue.

No. 3 – THE SHIP, the symbol of commerce, signifies great wealth, which will be acquired by trade or inheritance; if near to the Person it means an early journey.

No. 4 – THE HOUSE, is a certain sign of success sign prosperity in all undertakings; and though the present position of the Person may be disagreeable, yet the future will be bright and happy. If this card lies In the centre of the cards, under the Person, this is a hint to beware of those who surround him or her.

No. 5 – A TREE, if distant from the Person, signifies good health, more trees of different cards together, leave no doubt about the realisation of all reasonable withes.

No. 6 – CLOUDS, if their clear side Is turned toward the Person, are a lucky sign; with the dirk side turned to the Person, something disagreeable will soon happen.

No. 7 – A SERPENT, is a sign of misfortune, the extent of which depends upon the greater or smaller distance from the Person; it is followed invariably by deceit, infidelity and sorrow.

No. 8 – A COFFIN, very near to the Person, means without any doubt, dangerous diseases, death or total loss of fortune. More distant from the Person, the card Is less dangerous.

No. 9 – THE BOUQUET, means much happiness in every respect.

No. 10 – THE SCYTHE, indicates great danger, which trill only be avoided, if lucky cards surround it.

No. 11 – THE ROD, means quarrels in the family, domestic afflictions, want of peace among married persons, fever and protracted sickness.

No. 12 – THE BIRD, means hardship to overcome, but of short duration; distant from the Person, it means the accomplishment of a pleasant journey.

No. 13 – THE CHILD, is a sign that the Person moves in good society, and is full of kindness toward everybody.

No. 14 – THE FOX, if near, is a sign to mistrust persons with whom you are connected, because some of them try to deceive you; if distant, no danger is to be apprehended.

No. 15 – THE BEAR, is either a messenger of good fortune, admonishes us to keep away from company, particularly from that of the envious.

No. 16 – THE STAR, confirms good luck In all enterprises; but if near clouds it means a long series of unhappy accidents.

No. 17 – THE STORK, indicates a change of abode, which will take place the sooner, the nearer the card lies to the Person.

No. 18 – THE DOG, if near the Person, you can con shier your friends faithful and sincere; but if very distant and surrounded by clouds, be cautious not to trust those who call themselves your friends.

No. 19 – THE TOWER, gives the hope of a happy old age, but surrounded by clouds, it forebodes sickness, and according to circumstances, even death.

No. 20 – THE PARK, prognosticates that you will visit a very respectable company; if very near, that you are to form a very intimate friendship; but if distant, it hints at false friends.

No. 21 – THE MOUNTAINS, near the Person, warn you against a mighty enemy; if distant, you may rely on powerful friends.

No. 22 – THE ROADS, surrounded by clouds, are signs of disaster; but without this card, and if distant from the Person, that you shall find ways and means to avoid the threatening danger.

No. 23 – THE MOUSE, is a sign of a theft, a loss; when near, it indicates the recovery of the thing lost or stolen, if at a distance, the loss will be irreparable.

No. 24 – THE HEART, is a sign of joy, leading to union and bliss.

No. 25 – THE RING, if on the right of the Person, prognosticate a rich and happy marriage; when on the left, and distant, a falling out with the object of your affection, and the breaking off of a marriage.

No. 26 – THE BOOK, indicates that you are going to find out a secret, according to its position, you can judge in what manner; great caution, however, is necessary in attempting a solution.

No. 27 – THE LETTER, without clouds, means luck, which comes to you be distant, favorable news; but if dark clouds are near the Person, you may expect much grief.

No. 28 – THE GENTLEMAN, No. 29 – THE LADY The whole pack refers to either of these cards, depending, if the person and whose fortune is being told, is either a Lady (No. 29) or Gentleman (No. 28).

No. 30 – THE LILIES, indicate a happy life; surrounded by clouds, a family grief. If this card is placed above the Person, they indicate the same as being virtuous; if below the Person, the moral principles are doubted.

No. 31 – THE SUN, lying near, points to happiness and pleasure, as its beams spread light and warmth; far away, indicates misfortune and sorrow, as without the influence of the Sun nothing can grow.

No. 32 – THE MOON, is a sign of great honors, fortune and fame, if the card lies at the side of the Person; if at a distance, it means grief and misery.

No. 33 – THE KEY, if near, means the certain success of a wish or a plan; if distant, the contrary.

No. 34 – THE FISHES, it near the Person, point to the acquisition of large fortune by marine enterprises and to a series of successful undertakings; if distant, they indicate the failure of any speculation, no matter how well they are projected and planned.

No. 35 – THE ANCHOR, is a sign of a successful enterprise at sea, of great advantage in trade, and of true love; but distant, it means a thorough disappointment in ideas, and inconstancy in love.

No. 36 – THE CROSS, is always a bad sign; if very near the Person, you may hope that the misfortune will not last long.


9 32 3 16 31 5 30 22 12 4 24 28 29 13 1 2 19 21 20 15 33 18 23 34 14 10 25 27 17 35 26 11 8 6 7 36

First shuffle the cards, and cut them with the left hand. Proceed to deal them out, one by one, in four successive rows of eight cards each, the cards in each row being laid from left to right; the remaining four cards are then laid In the same manner, under the middle of the other rows. In the diagram here given the cards have been laid out for a lady – that is card No. 29 is the point from which the meaning of the other cards must be deduced.

The way for a woman who is telling her fortune to read this layout is as follows, the solution being given by Philippe, heir of the famous Mlle. Le Normand: “The Sun, No. 31, which is placed above your head, assures you of a lasting happiness, because the Star, No. 16, which is on your right, shines on you. Through it all your enterprises have been successful, and by it you have been happy in your marriage. Your husband, No. 28, who is at your right, testifies to your virtue, which is affirmed by the child, No. 13, which is at your left. The Lilies and Flowers, which overshadow you in Nos. 30 and 9, are proofs of your good deeds. Fate also employs the Cavalier, No. 1, to speak in your praise, and to give the news of it to your true friends. Your good and benevolent actions, confirmed by the cards Nos. 2, 3, 24, 4, 5, 32, 27, 18, 26, 21, 20, 15 and 34, which surround you, are additional proofs of your future happiness. Your united forces have protected you hitherto in spite of the calumnies which should injure you, which proves triumphantly, that virtue always overcomes the intrigues of the bad. Your happiness, however, has been troubled for a short while by envious spirits, which endeavored to injure you; they are represented by Nos. 14, 12, 35 and 23, which have done everything they could to ruin you, but their calumnies were rebuked by public opinion, which was on your side. The Tower, No. 19, promises you a happy old age as a recompense for your courage in bearing up under these sights.

“You have vanquished No. 11, which had sown the seed of discord In your household. No. 17, tells you that you will soon change your place of residence; No. 10, it is true, is a sign of mischief, but you will overcome it by the moans of No. 25, aided by the Key, No. 33, which is placed at your feet. In general, everything disagreeable will remain far from you, because its harbingers, the coffin, the clouds, the terrible serpent and the dangerous cross represented in Nos. 8,6,7 and 36, are far distant from you, and cannot reach you for a long time. Providence has sealed your happiness, and henceforth you will enjoy the recompense of your virtue, in spite of a vicious, corrupted world; always trust in Providence and He will never forsake you.

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1799 – 2019

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Published by Roman Wimmer on November 15, 2019.

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