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Fortune-Telling cards - 1690, 1710, 1770, 1775, 1773, 1796


1779 - Johann Kaspar Hechtel - Nuremberg / 2019 - Evina Schmidova - London & Prague.


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Magic Lenormand Cards

Magic Lenormand Cards Authors: Evina Schmidova & Roman Wimmer Cards:
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Mystery of Life Oracle Cards

The Mystery of Life | The Story of


“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

Lenormand Cards

Divination changed into practised by the ancient Greeks, and by way of the druids, the Celtic priests of the iron age, who consulted various kinds of omens, runes, bird droppings or holy books in a try to are seeking for steering from the gods or other supernatural entities. Needless to mention, divination turned into taking into consideration a pagan exercise and forbidden in the early Christian church. Early clinical notebooks contained alchemical and clinical recipes, texts on geomancy and divination (often translated from Arabic texts or transmitted from ‘historical physicians in Babylon’), herbal philosophy and miscellaneous notes on astrology, dream interpretation, and so forth.

Knowledge of cartomancy got here from an oral people transmission absolutely unbiased of literacy which turned into ultimately a Gypsy folks way of life. Gypsies were a completely unique nomadic kingdom that migrated from India, via Romania, Hungary and Slovakia to the Czech Republic and Europe. They delivered the ways of Indian mysticism and divination with them. For a time, all divinatory and esoteric understanding became erroneously attributed to “historical Egypt”. Fortune telling with gambling playing cards, or cartomancy, become popularized by using the Gypsies in medieval Europe after the invention of gambling cards.

From the sixteenth to the 18th centuries Spanish assets provide a variety of facts approximately cartomancy and magical makes use of of playing cards, in which they were incorporated into the healer’s repertoire of techniques. An early example is a reference by using Pedro Ciruelo (1538) to fortune-telling the usage of a cube, playing cards or handwritten playing cards. Playing cards are used in plenty of Spanish-talking America for fortune-telling, predicting the future or while a mental adjunct to folks medicine and remedy. The subculture is going again many centuries.

Playing cards have been utilized in England for fortune telling inside the center of the 17th century, if no longer earlier. Cartomancy seems to were practiced elsewhere a lot in advance, especially France, where there were a revival of hobby in fortune-telling, the occult, prophecy, clairvoyance, and so forth., possibly stimulated by using the prophecies of Nostradamus (1503-1566) within the sixteenth century. By the give up of the 17th century Britain’s Renaissance had reached its zenith. The world was fraught with wonders, and they found out men of the day have been constructing tricky new schemes to encompass the complete of knowledge. There was a society of fortune tellers in London who known as themselves the Mercurii of London.

The cards proven proper had been posted within the 2d half of the 17th century and are an instance of English Divination or Oracle cards from this period. They contain searching up the prophecy through following a series of guidelines, harking back to numerology and dice throws, so that the solution is a study on a specific card.

Engraved percent designed for divination, in which every exchange numeral card has an astrological sphere, and the others are full of fortune-telling solutions. The court docket playing cards are entire length figures, the Kings and Queens being the equal in all four fits, although with one of a kind inscription. Every card has a ruled off area on the top containing the name of an astrologer, sybil, and so forth, with a numeral and sign to suggest the value. On the Ace of Hearts is Hermes Trismegistus, on the King of Hearts Herod, on the Knave of Spades Wat Tyler and on the Knave of Clubs Hewson, the regicide.

These Fortune-Telling cards, first posted as early as 1690, had been possibly the primary of playing cards ever made particularly for the motive of fortune-telling. Otherwise, regular playing cards would have been used. The gadget of fortune-telling recommended is complex, and takes a few perseverance to reach an answer to simple questions which include whether the enquirer might be happy, wealthy or negative in love.

John Lenthall was a Fleet Street stationed who, within the path of the primary quarter of the 18th century re-issued, re-engraved or imported at the least 40 unique packs of pictorial cards. Although these fortunes-telling cards are normally called Lenthall’s, the primary version, probably made via a person else, is marketed as early as 1690.

  1. Rider – Also called The Cavalier or The Horseman; it represents messengers.
  2. Clover – Represents success and properly fortune.
  3. Ship – Also called Boat; it represents travel.
  4. House – Also called Home; it represents the home.
  5. Tree – Represents fitness and blood members of the family.
  6. Clouds – Represents confusions.
  7. Snake – Represents enemies.
  8. Coffin – Represents slow endings.
  9. Bouquet – Also known as Flowers; it represents appreciation.
  10. Scythe – Represents quick endings.
  11. Whip – Represents things which show up again and again.
  12. Birds – Represents gossip.
  13. Child – Also referred to as infant; it represents children.
  14. Fox – Represents paintings.
  15. Bear – Represents authority figures.
  16. Stars – Represents what you will become known for.
  17. Stork – Represents alternate and fertility.
  18. Dog – Represents pals.
  19. Tower – Represents the government.
  20. Garden – Represents how you socialize.
  21. Mountain – Represents long-term problems.
  22. Crossroads – Represents picks.
  23. Mice – Represents stress and things which can be deteriorating.
  24. Heart – Represents love.
  25. Ring – Represents commitment.
  26. Book – Represents secrets.
  27. Letter – Represents paper.
  28. Man – Also called Gentleman; represents the seeker or the most essential man of their life.
  29. Woman – Also known as Lady; represents the seeker or the most critical lady of their lifestyles.
  30. Lily – Represents peace.
  31. Sun – Represents achievement.
  32. Moon – Represents emotions.
  33. Key – Represents what is vital.
  34. Fish – Represents money and business.
  35. Anchor – Represents what’s solid.
  36. Cross – Represents burdens.

Lenormand analyzing is a method of self-analysis and lets you make selections. Through the location of the Lenormand playing cards, you get in contact along with your inner voice and instinct. The snap shots of the Lenormand playing cards then replicate possible lifestyle studies or feelings.

You’ll get a symbolic response on your worries. Yes or no questions are mistaken for working with Lenormand cards. If you have consulted the cards about something already, you need to wait some months earlier than you ask them once more about the identical difficulty.

When interpreting the playing cards, you have to use a mixture of logic and instinct. Always take note of the combos and connections!

First, have a look at the large picture. The effect of a negative card may be decreased through a high-quality. Positive cards can also be weakened by means of corresponding negative cards. Cards can also cancel every other out. Sometimes the interpretation tips are contradictory. In that case, take a look at the neighboring playing cards. They can provide further indication of what is meant.

It is critical to keep in mind that the playing cards stand symbolically for something. The symbolism can also practice the position of the cardboard. For example, whilst the Coffin is within the residence of the Fish, this is probably a caution that your budget is at hazard.

What do you do whilst you get a totally terrible card placement? Negative cards are regularly warnings. Then pick out a route in existence which reduces a danger. For instance, in case you see a mixture that predicts poor health, forestall smoking, or refrain from whatever would possibly damage your fitness. If you have got the sensation that the unfold is absolutely inappropriate for you, start a brand new one.

The more honest you are with yourself, the more you’ll advantage from analyzing the playing cards.

Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand become born on May 27, 1772, in Alençon, a small city about fifty miles from Paris, within the own family of a rich draper. After the dying of her mother and father, Marie went to live together with her stepfather and changed into often travelling a gypsy camp close to the metropolis wall, wherein a gypsy female taught her to examine the palm and gave her a deck of used cards. With the death of her father, her family’s prosperity got here to an end and Marie turned into compelled to abandon her studies on the neighborhood Benedictine convent. She had to a turn out to be famous for her a success predictions whilst still on the boarding faculty of the convent. The director, to whom the little Marie had expected that she might no longer stay very long in the monastery, changed into quickly transferred to another region.

At the age of sixteen, Marie left the convent and moved to Paris, in which she turned into compelled to work as a seamstress for a living, even though she changed into nonetheless very young.

Then Marie worked as a clerk in a fabric store, but her unusual skills soon discovered itself. In Paris, Maria became acquainted with fortune-telling as well as with the divination gadget of the famous Etteilla, which had already popularized it in 1780. After a while, and the way to her lottery triumphing of 1800 francs, she opened her very own salon with a friend, on Rue de Tournon, wherein she acquired women and gentlemen who wanted to recognize their destiny via numerous methods of divination, including playing cards, palmistry, astrology, the shape of the skull and the crystal ball. Marie turned into also interested by the «language of plant life» and the elaboration of flavors, and this passion is contemplated in her Astro-mythological deck. She received loads of cash for her fortune telling and that with none reserve, because it turned into recognised that her predictions came proper, and with tremendous accuracy.

At the age of 32, Marie Lenormand turned into the top of glory. In a completely brief time, she became a representative for the richest and most influential humans of the capital. The salon of Mademoiselle Lenormand had won a gigantic reputation due to the fact the elite of post-innovative Paris frequented it. In 1793, the salon was visited by means of Marat, Saint-Just and Robespierre. To the three of them she anticipated a violent dying. And it is precisely what came about: a few months later, Jean-Paul Marat become lethally wounded by means of Charlotte Corday, and the 2 others have been arrested and completed a yr after that. Lenormand herself was arrested for suspicion of sympathizing with the Jacobins, but her political connections set to work and she become allowed to maintain her practice.

Lenormand Napolon But most of her fame, of direction, came from her friendship with Joséphine de Beauharnais, the wife of younger General Bonaparte. On their first assembly, the fortune teller expected him the crown. Neither Josephine nor Napoleon believed her that day. However, 10 years later the prediction came authentic. Once in energy, Napoleon did no longer forget about the prophetess: he gave her a million francs and she became a personal fortune teller for Empress Josephine. Lenormand then now not simplest predicted her divorce with Napoleon, but additionally the defeat of the French navy in Russia. But Napoleon changed into quickly tired of his spouse’s ardour for «the ones silly matters» and, in 1808, he sent Marie Lenormand faraway from Paris – he had also sent Madame de Stael away in 1802 due to the fact «of her too liberal thoughts». In response to her expulsion, Lenormand wrote The reminiscences of a prophetic Sibyl: on the secret reasons of her arrest, in which she expected the fall of Napoleon and the recovery of the residence of Bourbons. But this work became most effective posted after the autumn of Napoleon.

In 1814, whilst Russian troops entered Paris, Lenormand acquired a go to of the future Decembrist Mikhail Lunin, to whom it changed into expected that he could be hanged. It is known, however, that he escaped this fate. In 1818, the famous fortune teller was provided in Paris to Emperor Alexander I of Russia.

After the victory over Napoleon, Lenormand became consulted by many high-ranking officers from special international locations, coming to the Congress of Aix-l. A.-Chapelle in 1818, where the leaders of Europe were establishing new borders for the nations. However, her big influence at the back of the scene of political occasions became felt by way of sure like a primary dilemma.

At the instigation of the Church, Lenormand changed into introduced to trial in 1821 in Paris. She was accused of heresy following her announcement that she turned into in reference to the archangel Gabriel. The courtroom sentenced her to 365 days in prison at the side of a hefty quality, however an attraction to the Supreme Court turned out to be a achievement, and he or she did not have to serve her sentence. A crowd of humans got here to congratulate Mademoiselle Lenormand whilst she become released. From that day onward, she nearly retired from politics, however remained famous until her demise on June 23, 1843, a date which she had expected, at the side of the situations, 14 years before the incident. A infinite quantity of humans from specific backgrounds got here to her funeral to pay homage. Marie Lenormand left half of 1,000,000 louis d’or in legacy to her nephew, her simplest discern.

Here are a few a success predictions of Mademoiselle Lenormand:

«You have best a couple years to stay, your Majesty. You might be guillotined». Four years later, the top of Marie-Antoinette became separated from her frame through the pointy knife of the guillotine.

In 1793, Lenormand received, in her salon at the Rue de Tournon, the go to of Marat, Robespierre and Saint-Just. To every of them she expected a violent demise. «You may be the first», she stated to Marat, and Robespierre and Saint-Just will die by using decapitation. A few months later, Marat turned into stabbed in his bathtub by using Charlotte Corday, and a yr after that, Robespierre and Saint-Just were accused of betrayal and accomplished.

Lenormand expected that the French navy might be defeated by using the Russian troops, and that shameful exile might wait for Bonaparte, as well as loneliness and a painful demise.

A few days after the go to of Alexander the first, Lenormand turned into visited by means of Pavel Pestel and Sergueï Mouraviov-Apostol. «You could be hanged», she told them. «But in Russia nobles aren’t done by means of putting», answered Mouraviov-Apostol. «They will make an exception for you, then» answered Marie. After the repression of the Decembrist rebellion, the 5 leaders had been sentenced to demise by hanging. Among them there have been Pavel Pestel and Sergueï Mouraviov-Apostol.

Year 1829. The composer Gioacchino Rossini desires to recognise whilst he’ll meet real achievement and unfolds his partitions earlier than Marie Lenormand asking her to do the analyzing without delay on pinnacle of them. Marie then tells him that he’s going to now not write a single different opera, and that best loss of life awaits him in Paris. After the Guillaume Tell, Rossini honestly ceased his hobby as a composer. From then on, Rossini got here to be referred to as an extremely good cook. Obese, he died in 1868 in Paris in horrible pains.

Year 1832. During the visit of a customer who become a noble, Marie Lenormand expected to Honoré de Balzac that he would have an affair with a foreigner, then marry her and die quickly after. And simply five months after his marriage to a Polish countess, Evelina Hanska, Honoré did certainly die.

The divination systems of Mlle Lenormand

According to 1 version of the story, it became a gypsy girl who added Marie to cartomancy and provided her an vintage deck of cards. According to some other version, Marie by accident discovered a card deck in her home after coming back from the monastery and, at the same time as sorting the playing cards, she started out to look an increasing number of awesome pix on every of the playing cards: dwelling faces of unknown human beings whose fate she could predict.

In addition to the cards, Marie extensively utilized other divination methods consisting of colorations, flavors, the form of the skull, the drop of blood in water, in addition to numerology, crystal ball and palmistry.

It is believed that Lenormand had no special divinatory machine – she examine the cards in a way regarded only to her. After her death, no precise deck nor any of her notes on cartomancy survived. However, Lenormand strategies had been restored and completed by means of her followers.

Hechtel was a German businessman, owner of a brass manufacturing unit in Nuremberg. Non-fiction writer and fashion designer of parlour games including the prototype for the Petit Lenormand cartomancy deck. According to published biographies, Hechtel additionally contributed anonymously to a few treatises on physics.


Hechtel turned into born on 1 May 1771 in Nuremberg. Hechtel died on 20 December 1799 in Nuremberg at some point of a smallpox epidemic and changed into survived by way of a spouse.


Lenormand cards


In the mid-nineteenth century after the demise of the famous French fortune-teller Marie Anne Lenormand, Lenormand’s name was used on several cartomancy decks such as a deck of 36 illustrated cards known as the Petit Lenormand or surely Lenormand cards nonetheless used extensively today. The 36 card Lenormand deck is modelled on a deck of cards posted c1799 as a part of Das Spiel der Hoffnung (The Game of Hope), a sport of chance designed via Hechtel which changed into still being advertised in 1820. So-referred to as Lenormand decks have the identical card numbering, number one symbols and gambling card institutions as the cards in Hechtel’s Das Spiel der Hoffnung recreation. Some examples of the sport are included in an in-depth series of gambling cards bequeathed to the British Museum by way of Lady Charlotte Schreiber. Das Spiel der Hoffnung is listed amongst Hechtel’s works in a commercial via writer Gustav Philipp Jakob Bieling of Nuremberg dated 1799.


The Great Cartomancer – Mademoiselle Lenormand

Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand won huge fame at some stage in the Napoleonic generation for her fortune-telling capabilities.

Born to a draped in 27 May 1772, in Alençon, Normandy, Lenormand became orphaned at the age of five and educated in a Benedictine convent faculty. From an early age she “become put in conversation with heavenly our bodies.” At the age of 7 Lenormand found herself all at once endued with this supernatural intelligence. Her debut inside the artwork of divination befell… when she learnt her first catechism. The youthful scholar predicted that the top of the convent might soon be discharged. She turned into positioned en penitence for this prediction; however, it grew to become out to be true.” From that factor forward Lenormand’s route regarded set and that accurate prediction become accompanied by way of many others.

By the time Lenormand left the convent, she was income a living as a fortune-teller. Well-regarded human beings came to go to that protected comte de Mirabeau, duchesse de Guiche, princesse de Lamballe, and Madame de Staël. Unfortunately, some of her predictions (the ones given to Jean-Paul Marat, Maximilien Robespierre, and Louis Antoine Léon de St. Just) sooner or later “delivered her at duration within the walls of a jail, from which she was led to execution.” Fate became on her face and on the ultimate possible moment she was saved by the Thermidor Reaction, however because of the persecution she suffered even as imprisoned, her repute grew.

This aided her once the stormy days of the French Revolution surpassed and Lenormand grew to become her fortune-telling abilities into profit. In time, Joséphine de Beauharnais came to listen her fortune, and whilst Lenormand’s phrases got here genuine, she has become the fortune-teller to the French Empress, who started out to carry Napoleon along with her. But it became no longer simply the well-known and well-known that came to learn their fate. Ordinary countrywomen and countrymen also visited and listened intently as Lenormand informed them their fortunes using her very own self designed custom 36-card deck.

Not every body idea of Lenormand inside the identical way. The Morning Post stated:
This awesome antique witch became certainly the most skilful six guessed that ever existed. At an unmarried look, she knew the type of individuals who got here to consult her. She knew the esprits forts through their arrogance and insolence, however for them she had no mercy — with a gesture of indifference and monotonous voice she foretold miseries, sorrows, and catastrophes. She told them a story of destroy, sorrow, desolation, and dying, and the esprits forts back to their houses all unhappy and sorrowful.”

She lived for some 40 years at No. 5, Rue de Tournon and above her doorway become inscribed “Mademoiselle Lenormand, Libraire,” an inscription that helped her to avoid trouble with the police. When site visitors rang the doorbell, they observed the door changed into answered via a servant. They had been then ushered into an rental described as “nothing exquisite,” because the most fantastic factor become a e book shelf that held thirty or forty books and consisted more often than not of Mademoiselle Lenormand’s very own works, Les Souveniors Prophétiques and some others on “cabalistic subjects.”

In the afternoons her rooms have been thronged with admirers. First-time inquirers waited with bated breath for the superb fortune-teller to reach. Yet, while the fantastic Lenormand regarded she become nothing magnificent:

“Lenormand was a short excessively fats little woman, with a ruddy face, overshadowed with the aid of the abundant curls of a flaxen wig, and surrounded through a semi-oriental turban, the relaxation of her apparel being plenty inside the fashion of a butter-woman.”
Lenormand invited her inquirers to take a seat at a table where she shuffled the cards eventually imparting them to the inquirers who then reduce the deck with their left hand. After the playing cards were reduce, she dealt them one by one at the same time as telling the inquirer his or her fate every so often unintelligibly and so speedy, it changed into not possible to preserve up along with her. She additionally had the capability to describe a person’s traits, tastes, and behavior:

“Lenormand did so correctly, probable in element from … commentary. Very often she stated exquisite instances in their past existence with excellent correctness … Of the disasters, in all likelihood innumerable, nothing become heard. But in justice … her natural shrewdness and statement regularly enabled her to give recommendation … of full-size benefit to the inquirer.”

Because of her fortune-telling skills, Lenormand accumulated a small fortune. She owned several homes, including homes and lands in Alençon, a château at Poissy, and a extraordinary house in Paris on Rue de l. A. Santé. She additionally owned a “large collection of superb snap shots, mainly representing the acts and deeds of members of the house of Bourbon; additionally a vast series of very curious notes respecting the occasions of which she turned into both a spectatress sic or an actress, all written in her personal hand.”

Lenormand died on 25 June 1843 in Paris. She turned into buried in Division 3 of the Père Lachaise Cemetery that overlooks Paris. Newspapers publicized her fortune mentioning that she possessed 500,000 francs. However, her papers had been stated to be well worth plenty extra. Because she in no way married, her estate went to her one last relative, a nephew. He became a devout Catholic and did no longer believe in fortune-telling, accordingly he destroyed all his aunt’s occult paraphernalia and papers.

The loss of Lenormand’s papers have been immeasurable to the fortune-telling network. However, the lack of Lenormand became even greater. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle wrote:
“Mddle. Lenormand will by no means be replaced. It may be in vain for vulgar pretenders to aspire to fill her throne. The religion is extinct; the ultimate sybil is not any extra…the cards are in confusion and the king of the future is without a sovereign.”



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